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Janos The Kind Hungarian
Janos The Kind Hungarian
Kind and Intuitive Guidance From a Sensitive Man
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My gift is that of being an empath. I can easily connect to your energy and offer non judgmental guidance. I am the husband of a successful psychic, Keen's The Gypsy Rose. Kind guidance from a soft-spoken man.
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I am so grateful for your taking a moment to look at my profile here on Keen! I offer non-judgmental guidance and an empathic vision to help guide you, whether it's at the start of a relationship or if you've hit a difficult place in it. No matter your background or orientation, you are in a safe zone whenever we start up a conversation.
Approach to Topics
My name is Janos (“Johnny”), and I am the husband of a very gifted psychic advisor here on Keen, The Gypsy Rose.

I am so lucky that late in life; fate, the stars, and a deep love brought me to my sweet Rose. We are both of Hungarian ancestry and love to explore all of the many wonderful facets of our heritage.

It wasn't until Rose came back into my life after a 35 year absence (we were junior high sweethearts!) that she herself noticed an internal gift of intuition that I seem to have. I have an intuition that I know can guide you, and I'd love to have a dialogue with you!

My strongest gift is an empathic ability. This, in combination with my life's experiences in love and living, provides an opportunity to offer my own unique guidance in your journey. I am here to listen to your hopes and desires especially as they relate to that special someone. I unfortunately cannot give you predictions about timeframes, when he will call you next, etc. But I can give you my thoughts on what you might need to do in order to either keep the flame in your heart burning bright, or to at least move on with your dignity intact.

Unlike some advice-givers who do so with a bite, I will offer you an empathic ear that is kind and with a warm heart. There is so much negativity in our world, and the last thing I want to do is add to it.

For honest and kind advice, I do hope that you'll consider giving me a try. For those who seek spiritual and psychic offerings of an even more powerful ability, I strongly encourage you to contact Rose.

As we both like to say, “Love is all we take with us when we leave.”

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