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Jeremy X
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I have over 12 years of experience here at Keen as a relationship advisor, covering over 5,000 individual sessions. I feel fortunate to have worked with many wonderful people around the world, working together to successfully cover a wide array of subjects, including intimate and business relationships, LGBTQ issues, grief counseling, separation & divorce, bullying, racism, and more. The greatest things that have ever come from these talks are dramatic life-changing results in no small part to the follow-through actions of any person I am talking to.

Before my career as an advisor, I served over 20 years in public service as a law enforcement officer and within the private security and investigations sector. I’ve served as a commander of a paramilitary force that directly assisted in protecting two U.S. presidents and military assets. I also acted as a special agent assigned to protect high-level state government officials as well as dignitaries from around the world, including the Prime Minister of India, ambassadors to China and Israel, the surviving Tuskegee Airmen, and many more. I’ve also served as an emergency room security officer in the early part of my career, giving me first-hand experience in working with people going through very traumatic moments in their lives. In this career path, I felt as if I was reactionary to tragedy rather than preventing it, so I departed to do greater service for others and myself. I felt a deeper calling to get ahead of it by working with people to better their lives and circumstances in order to help make this world a better place by placing emphasis on self-respect, respect for others, and working together.

I also worked in professional radio broadcast for 10 years, serving as a comedy writer, on-air personality, and music & production director.

I often tell people to burn both ends of the candle as I do and create new chapters in their lives. Outside of being an advisor, I am currently a professional photographer/videographer. Self-educated in professional camera work, editing, sound, and lighting, I have filmed weddings, corporate ads, interviews, and music festivals with artists such as St. Paul & The Broken Bones and Rusted Root. I’m an avid speed/freestyle skater, and a vegetarian and I go to the gym twice weekly to stay fit and healthy.

As a final note, I feel it is important to highlight the fact that my life wasn’t always great. I struggled growing up as a child of divorce with a single mother raising two children by herself. I had to quit school to help support the household at one point and have also dealt with alcoholism & drug addiction within my family. I’ve also been through a failed marriage with children involved, but I’m here to tell you… life isn’t always perfect, but we must evolve ourselves beyond any negative place we may find ourselves in today. No one ever handed me the golden key to salvation. I had to give it to myself by first taking accountability and, not only rewiring myself to know I was deserving of it but taking the actions necessary and acting like it.
Approach to Topics
Before you invest in me, let’s be sure I’m the right fit for you. There are many gifted advisors here on Keen, but like in relationships, there are many varieties to choose from to fit your tastes and needs.

I’m naturally intuitive and hold every life to be precious and unique. I do not operate from a platform of prejudice or judgment when it comes to your unique needs. I work as an empath to tap into your deeper needs first so that I may fully understand your unique position in relation to who you are courting, whether it be business or personal. I then tap into the person or persons you are inquiring about to see how it will work out into the future, giving you alternative options, if need be, for your uninhibited growth. As an added measure, I use Cartomancy (Tarot) to gain further insights into your situation and future.

My delivery tends to be very direct, honest and to the point. My motivation is to get you on the right course, and often it falls within the purview of self-accountability when courting people and issues in your life that inhibit your personal growth. It is my intention as a warrior to motivate you toward greatness. I am very sensitive and accommodating to your emotions up to the point where I feel they are stopping you from achieving greatness.

I’m pretty fast with tapping into and relaying information, but to get the most out of our discussion it is best to tell me what is going on so that we may work together right away rather than me reading into what you already know. I pick up on energy, so my interpretations on a cold read might be distorted (For instance: A married man may appear as single to me as he has removed himself emotionally from his marriage. Although this is rare, it does happen).

What I Do

My specialty is relationship counseling. I take in-depth looks into the nature of your relationships (Personal or business) and provide insights and exploration of options in regards to your situation. We want to improve upon your endeavors, and much of that is contingent upon how you feel about yourself. This is primarily what I am focused upon when I am looking into your future, so course corrections are often necessary. They can be minor changes all the way up to a major shift in personal consciousness.

I’m often asked about timing and although I will look into it, my success rate on average falls around 60%. The primary focus should be upon making any changes necessary in order to get what you want and to make the right investment choices in your life.

What I Don’t Do

1. I do not see specific names or faces

2. I do not find lost items or missing people

3. I do not give medical advice per Keen rules. This includes pregnancy questions.

4. When will I find my soul-mate questions: I wish it were as easy as reading into it, but it isn’t. The simple answer to this is: “When you are in total alignment with your true self is when soul-mate connections happen." This means loving, respecting and investing in yourself and your needs without relying upon another person to make you happy first. They should be the icing on the cake you’ve already prepared for yourself. If you are having problems connecting to your authentic-self, we certainly should correct that right away. Otherwise, we will invite the wrong people into our lives.

If you have any questions, please message me through Keen Email or via Ping. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 24
  • Detailed · 23
  • Helpful · 23
  • Kind · 23
  • Accurate · 20
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