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I care about my clients. Clarity, answers you seek from my readings I'll share the messages received, what spirit lets me convey, over 30,000 rating points! over 18 thousand readings in tarot! truth foretold EXT04374026

Telepathic* Energy Interpreter* Astrology awareness* Clairaudient* Discarnate recognition* Sensitive* Precognition* Empathic*Clairvoyance*Clairsentience*Claircognizance

I have been providing readings professionally for many years. I have been psychic, clairvoyant, and intuitive all my life. Privileged with strong abilities and spiritually centered it is an honor for me to be a gifted seer. What I see in the symbology of the tarot derives in large measure from my own intuition and, once revealed, reflects back for further enrichment. Tarot combined with nonjudgmental compassion, empathy, and clarity, my heightened senses, and perceptive abilities allow me to unveil information accurately, AND give you a very accurate reading! Let me help you find what you seek so you won't be disappointed.
Approach to Topics
Welcome, my name is Joanna

Before you acquire a reading there is preparedness that is involved. Please enter with the willingness to be open to receiving the intended messages. I cannot conduct a reading for anyone who is argumentative, uncooperative, unwilling, irate, or angry. Please have respect for me as I will for you and consideration for my gift. Do not expect a reading in just a few minutes time. Do not expect exact verbatim, day, or time of day. Your timing can be affected by your interjecting or provoking. Be empowered to make decisions that will lead you to positive outcomes by enabling yourself to the energies that surround you. Feel comfortable so we both can make it a pleasant, informative, and interesting session. Please do not enter a session with any premeditated negative action whether of a competitor nature or of some other sort of negative action against me. Feedback in a negative irresponsible manner cannot always be prevented as it goes with the turf. Please take a moment to leave feedback. Your positive feedback and rating are appreciated.
~ Unveil the truth ~

Blessed Be, with new insights, courage, strength, and healing. Joanna

The light from the heavens surrounds me and my chakras,
connecting me universally.
I call upon the powers that be.
Thank you source, guides, angels & souls,
for all of eternity.

I am not responsible for your own actions regarding time frames or outcomes that may be altered, or any interpretations made or used by the receiver. I reserve the right to disconnect a call if a customer is abusive or requests validation of a prediction. Over 18 only to call, please. Keen is for entertainment purposes only. Not a substitute for professional financial, medical, or legal advice.
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