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Ultimately, your decisions decide your fate. No reading is ever final. You can change your future with SMART CHOICES. Let me help you make the best ones for your situation.
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For years, I had been giving counsel to close friends and a few celebrities. Somewhere near the time of the September 11th attack, I began reading on Keen. I partnered with another gifted individual to open up a beautiful tea room in New York only to have it close down: the pandemic!

I am still available here for readings but my unavailability over this past year has hurt my ratings apparently. Oh well... I have been reading locally but I am ready to get back on Keen regularly. If you need me, I am here for limited hours but you will never regret the call - especially the connection with my Spirits. They are pranksters and funny but like me, they want the best for you... So, what do you say? Wanna dance? :-)
Approach to Topics
Sometimes I use cards, sometimes I use coins, dominoes, dices... whatever but I don't use tarot cards anymore. I haven't found any that I like which is why I made my own and have shared them with other readers on Keen.

PLEASE CALL HEALTHY READERS and not people who will lie to you over and over to get you to keep calling. Then you find me and when what I tell you (which will be true) doesn't sound all pretty and nice, and leave me nasty comments. SMH... Happens all the time! --- to so many readers on Keen... Anyways... Call or chat... I'm here and I type fast!
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