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Love & Relationship - Love is the Key we Must Turn
Love is the key we must turn, truth is the flame we must burn, freedom the lesson we must learn. Love is the opening door, love is what we came here for. Let me help you find the key and open the door. (from Love Song)
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Love & Relationships
Career & Work
Breakups & Divorce
LGBTQ Issues
Past Lives
Dream Exploration
Chakra Cleansing
Astrology - Western
About Me
I have studied metaphysical sciences since I was a child. I have a BA in Religious Studies, a BA in Dimension of Human Spirituality, a MA in Educational Counseling and a MA in Spiritual Psychology. I am currently working on the completion of my PhD
My Approach To Topics
Love must begin as an inside job. Love and relationship, implies you have chosen a powerful and sacred mirror regarding your relationship with love. My background is metaphysical studies and practices and training within traditional academics. I