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Lady Emme
Lady Emme
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She is a guide for your life's journey. Her passion is to give you the advice you need to make decisions and move forward in happiness, serenity, and success. She will empower you and champion your strength through adversity.
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She started her psychic career by being an exceptionally empathic and sensitive child. She would see upcoming events and see visions that would explain or assist in understanding difficult situations or life events. Given her natural abilities, she started researching and studying metaphysics. She has studied under many metaphysical teachers. Lady Emme has been reading professionally for over 10 years, and believes everyone of us has the same potential to hone their talents and gifts. She was a prayer chaplain for many years, and is an ordained minister.
Approach to Topics
Lady Emme is an exceptionally compassionate and non-judgemental reader. She opens the session by simply asking your name and birth date. She loves it when you ask questions because it allows her to meet your specific needs right at the top of the call. Ask your questions and she will share spiritual messages and tell you exactly what you need to know. She can feel your energy through the sound of your voice. Relax and feel free to interrupt any time you feel you need more clarity. Lady Emme listens very carefully, tunes into your energy, and consults with her Spirit Guides. She particularly enjoys questions regarding love, and specializes in relationships, past lives, Karma, and how spiritual contracts intertwine in people's lives. She excels at providing assistance to those facing extreme adversity as she has had intensive training as a long-time prayer chaplain and as an ordained minister. She believes we each have a spiritual contract to be of service to one another while here on earth, each in our own way. She says, "The guidance I offer in my readings is my way to serve." At calls end, she wishes for her client to to have gained options, alternatives, hope, and clarity.

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