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Lady Enlightenment
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Serving the spiritual community in all matters of life - especially love & relationships. Allow me to provide you crystal-clear insights, with the help of divine-guidance, that will lead you to your truest path.
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I am a bit of a unicorn in this area; contrary to common experience, I did NOT know I have been psychic all of my life until recently.

After experiencing my first true awakening this past year, I have completely embraced my path and what is intended for me, which is to guide others with this gift. Although I am newly awakened, I have been blessed by The Universe with incredibly strong intuitive abilities that have led me to form amazing connections with my clients, guide and enlighten, and experience immeasurable joy in discovering my purpose and living life with purely positive intent.

I am also a spiritualist and have been even prior to providing reading services. I am a firm believer in karma, positive affirmations, and place full faith in The Universe. As a life-long empath (to the max!) I also operate solely based on energy and will often communicate during readings using these concepts to relay the impressions I am getting in order to best convey your insights to you.

I invite you to align your energy and open yourself to the world of spirituality as I have; together, we can address anything through energy, as energy is everything!
Approach to Topics
I am an Intuitive Claircognizant Empathic Psychic, specializing in energy reading. My approach to providing insights is simple - I am direct, yet compassionate. My belief is that the impressions received are intended to come through to my clients just as they came to me; there is never any degree of filtering nor dishonesty to my readings. I present the information I am guided to give, but do so with the utmost integrity and understanding. You will receive compassionate service as only a true empath can give best, while also being afforded the unique experience of a genuinely accurate psychic connection.

Historically, I have assisted my clients on most subjects sought out during a traditional reading, as well as many that are more "guarded" or reserved in nature, especially matters of love. In my work, I have been blessed by The Universe with verifiable accuracy and daily validations by clients, often receiving confirmation of exact happenings discussed, coming to pass. This includes specific timelines and predictions with realistic outcomes! All thanks to the sincere spiritual connections I am able to form with my clients.

I do work best with photo, but names will often do just as well. During our service, I will connect directly with your energy and that of anyone or anything else you'd like to look at, "reading" on what I feel based upon that energy in order to gain my impressions. As an empath, energy-reading is one of the most accurate means of providing insights; through this process, I can efficiently and easily assist you in understanding any of life's many matters through the power of energy! Energy never lies!

However, please understand that because of this sensitivity, it also means I can just as easily be affected by overtly 'bad" energy, as well. Coming to a reading with chaotic or impatient energy will often not result in the best outcome. For an ideal connection and the ability for the clearest insights to come through, please approach your service with as calm and courteous of energy as possible. This will be the same manner I treat each client during service. This is your time and I truly want you to make the most of it, in a way that will make you most successful in getting the answers you need!

Please note also that I only work in the light, using traditional methods of psychism, intended for the highest good. I do not believe in manipulating anyones' energy nor interferring in free will. For this reason, I do not practice nor engage in any spell work.

If you're ready to experience the difference that speaking with a legitimate psychic can make for your life path, let's connect! I'd be honored to read for you. :)

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