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I’ve been studying and using divination methods to help guide through the sometimes murky and always complicated issues with interpersonal relationships for many years.

People are complicated. Relationships can be difficult to navigate and maintain. This is where tools such as Tarot, astrology, and dream interpretation can be key to having a better understanding and a clearer path towards your personal happiness and satisfaction.

I’ve studied Tarot and astrology on both a practical personal level and in an academic setting. The longevity of these tools alone speaks to their usefulness. I have also seen firsthand how these tools can help guide an individual through complicated relationships and situations.

In these readings, I will primarily use tarot as a guide, although birth dates and astrological information can provide a lot of helpful information to aid in interpretation and guidance.
Approach to Topics
I ask that you be in a space where you can relax and reflect during the course of my reading. We will want to approach one issue/question at a time. Some of the ways we can approach a relationship reading are to look at what your partner or person of interest is feeling about you and what their intentions are, how to best navigate the dynamics of your relationship or specific obstacles, or we can look at what you can do to attract the kind of partnership you are really hoping for, and one that will be healthy and fulfilling for you by your own definition.

Know that nothing is written in stone. Tarot and astrology as well as other divination tools can be helpful at assessing situations and likely outcomes, but as anything else in life these likely outcomes depend on your actions outside of the reading. This is really where Tarot comes in handy, as it allows you to step back and take an assessment of the situation, and in turn make informed decisions and changes if something is not headed in the right direction.

It will help me in my interpretation to know what we are asking about, and I can help guide you to the most helpful questions if you're unsure.
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