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What are their true feelings? Will they step up or pull away? Confused? Need answers? I can help! 40+ years experienced psychic, life and relationship coach. Consistently 5 star rated since 2003. 19 years on Keen.
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I have over 40+ years of experience with psychic readings. I also am a life and relationship coach so can help you to understand what is holding the relationship back and how to resolve these issues. I also have given classes and seminars on psychic awareness.
Approach to Topics
In the realm of the human experience, there is nothing that is more challenging or,
potentially, more rewarding than our relationships. The human spirit seeks love as a moth to flame seeks the light, instinctively. This is our Divine nature expressing itself. It is through our relationships that we learn the most about ourselves. Yet we are given so little understanding of the nature of love. We are often ill prepared to embark on such a complex path of experience. Yet our hearts compel us into these experiences. Sometimes the path is
relatively smooth and clear, other times the path may be rough and beset with obstacles.
Is this the path you see before you? Are you tired of wondering how they feel about you? Tired of trying to guess what they want? I can tell you what they are feeling. I can tell you what they want. I can tell you what is holding the relationship back....AND I can tell you how to change those obstacles into opportunities to improve your relationship.

I have worked as a Psychic and Relationship Counselor for over 40 YEARS. With my finely tuned, psychic abilities I can provide insight into what your partner is feeling/thinking/wanting and what
direction your relationship is heading. With my understanding of relationship dynamics, I can
give you a better understanding of WHY your relationship is moving in certain directions and show you various ways to alter its course towards your desired destination. With my unique combination of INSIGHT and EXPERTISE, I can offer you both ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS. HOWEVER, you have free will. If you chose NOT to heed advice, your outcomes are of your own creation!

I have experience as an advisor working with all types of individuals and ALL types of
relationships, whether it be romantic partnerships, family, friendships.
I usually need only a clear, specific question and first name of the person I am reading on. While I am psychic, (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic), I often use divination tools as well, to more quickly focus in on the bigger picture. I tend to talk fast when I am channeling, so if you miss something, let me know and I will clarify it. Have your questions ready BEFORE you call.

PLEASE BE CLEAR ON YOUR QUESTIONS....Vague questions, may not get you the precise information you are seeking. Simple yes or no questions can be answered quickly. More complex questions WILL take longer. Often times there are underlying dynamics that can influence an outcome for good or ill and I will point these out so that you can be aware of all the options available. Destiny is not written in stone. Destiny is the resulting outcome of options and choices. My job is to give you insight into these so that you will have the necessary information available to make the choices that bring the best outcomes into your life. What choices you make are yours and yours alone.
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