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I am an honest and insightful psychic adviser specializing in love and relationships, psychic advice and spiritual coaching. Let us clear those cobwebs from your path and create the best possible outcome!
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I have been a psychic reader and intuitive healer ever since I was six years old; and with my vast experience most of my life. I have studied Chakra healing, Polarity, Reiki, Life Coaching, hypnotherapy and the Theta Process. I have taken many courses in Psychology, Shaman Healing, Interactive Writing for the Soul, and continue my studies in Human Sociology and Substance Addiction Counseling.

Where there is injury, please pardon. Where there is doubt, let there be True FAITH.

I have never had a connection like that before."
"LiliStar knew what was going on and I am very happy about the outcome. I Haven't ever had a connection like that before."
"I LOVE this woman!! She gave predictions that came true for me... also very direct and to the point... I love it... "
"I have had multiple readings and will continue to use her services, here at Keen and on her website."
"LiliStar really connected with my situation and made sense of it. I felt so much better after talking with her!!"
"She was correct with her assessment of the situation. I am very happy with the outcome of the session"
Great reader !!!
"Bright and positive; very supportive and helped me to be strong. Thank you LiLiStar!"
"She is wonderful. Felt very at ease chatting with her. She was very accurate about past events and helped me to look forward to my future. :)"
"It was a great chat. Thank you LiLiStar very much. Really had fabulous suggestions also."
"She was very helpful and positive. Highly recommended!"
"She was amazing. Truly amazing!! SUCH positive energy -- I will definitely be contacting her again." "LiliStar really connected with my situation and MADE SENSE OF IT! I felt SO much better after talking with her!!"
"she's excellent. The insight was straight to the point, honest. I felt there to be a strong connection as this individual didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. Furthermore, she was AMAZING."
"She's real down to earth and has a way of making you feel much better than you did before you came to her."
To my clients: I endeavor each day to bring to you messages from my highest guides, and akashic records. I give free minutes for more than one highly liked reading. My clients expect straight truth and sincerity. I tell the truth in the most positive light to guide you to your happy path. Best and Blest to You!!. LiLiStar*

Approach to Topics
This is for true and authentic intuitive guidance. I meet positive calls with positive responses, and hope that mutual respect guides each caller. I will fill in the gaps so you may understand what is going on in your relationship. I rarely use my 5 decks of angel, oracle and tarot cards, but I will quickly pull a few during the reading. You may see some increases in my price from time to time which are relative to the rising platform and commission on Keen. I am compassionate and straightforward with what I see and how I relay to this truth to you. The messages I receive about your unique situation will guide you so that you can move forward with confidence. I do refrain from "sugar coating" or glossed over answers and stick to the true messages I receive when I open the Akashic Records.

My highest guides speak to me with sincerity and are here to help guide your choices on this path. The messages delivered will inspire you and as we exchange this energy.
At times Chakra Toning Sessions can provide peace of mind and heart when needed for balance and alignment with your higher self.
can hear my guides clearly speaking as well as see glimpses of visual times in the past, present or future, but timing is fluid and holds space for the new dawn.

My mother was a spirit seeker intuitive and she imparted her wisdom to me.that I tap into from my guides to help you "take the lid off" so to speak and move on with greater knowledge for confidence through some major trials and tribulations.

"Teach only love for that is what you are."

~ A Course In Miracles

"We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive."
~ Wayne Dyer

"You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."
~ Cherokee Expression

I use my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts from my Archangel Guides: Michael, Rafael, Uriel Azrael, Gabriel, Sandolphon and Jesus. As spiritual reader I look forward to providing you with empowering and unique guidance!

I specialize in love and relationships - and as the door opens, other things in your life do become clearer as well when we work together. I do use from time to time the Crystal Tarot Deck, Herbal deck, my crystal pendulum and my pure intuition. I also have three angel decks, and prefer to work through the divine guiding light of the Holy Spirit and the messengers that include Jesus, who is also called Immanuel as well as the Archangels, Michael and Gabriel. This divine connection can help to accelerate positive changes that are meant to be in your life.
Email me for two person questions answered:

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  • Helpful · 39
  • Honest · 39
  • Detailed · 38
  • Accurate · 37
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