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Lindas Spirit
Lindas Spirit
Spiritual Psychic/Soul Circles, Honest, LOVE/Twins
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Empathic, clairvoyant psychic; details! $$, career, home, relatives, travel; I'm compassionate and spiritual with humor to help u. Very spiritual from 3 ndes. 29 yrs on Radio/TV PhD I Plz NO PREGNANCY ?s SOUL CIRCLES!
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As a psychic, healer and medium, I have been helping people with my gift since 1992. I am compassionate, detailed and accurate. I am connected to the other side as a result of 3 NDEs. I was one of the original radio psychics, starting on KBIG 104FM where the concept originated. I became psychic after surviving a commercial airline plane crash in 1981. That was the first of my NDEs. The next was being hit by a firetruck in 1982 and in 1984, I totaled a car and had the white light experience. I am here to help people on their spiritual journey. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A CUT & PASTE QUESTION...I NEED TO CONNECT TO YOU, NOT A REPEATED QUESTION.

I am a psychic, healer and medium; I have clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. I am extremely spiritual and metaphysical. I have a Master's in Public Health and went to earn a PhD in Metaphysics to combine the cognitive with the spiritual aspects of life. The definition of health is the state of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well- being and not merely the absence of disease. I concentrate on the spiritual to integrate our lives to the fullest.
I can help you with love, finances, careers, family, relocation, travel, spirituality, metaphysics and God. I have a spiritual connection to the other side as a result of my near-death experiences.
I have now advanced from psychic and paranormal to more metaphysical and integrative medicine to expand my abilities and techniques to help heal, guide and assist the whole person on the journey through life with love, healing and truth.

Additional Information:
I love love. I am passionate, creative, spiritual and loving. I want to share and help you find the peace and self-love within yourself and your situations. I want you to be guided lovingly and properly through life's challenges. I am here for you. Just arrange a call if I'm not on. Spiritual love, self-love, romantic love and passionate love...we are made of love.
Let's explore it.
I became psychic after I survived a commercial airplane crash in 1981. I had 2 more near death experiences after that, one in 1982 and another in 1984. I am directly linked to the other side due to a white light experience and 3 near death. I did not embrace the gift for 12 years. I was very afraid of it. Once I accepted it, my life changed and I began to help people on their journey. I am one of the 4 original radio psychics who started in 1994 on Los Angeles' KBIG 104. I had my own show for 18 years, long before the internet. I have been a frequent guest of George Noory on Coast to Coast and have been on many TV shows. I became a healer after surgery in 1991 and a medium after more surgery in 1996.
I have a BA in Health Education, a Master's in Public Health in Epidemiology and a PhD in Metaphysics. All combined education brings the science and spiritual together to give you a clear answer.
Approach to Topics
I am a PhD in metaphysics; I love the sound of your voice. I read by voice. I also pick up your emotions quickly via chat. I've been at this almost 30 years.
I have read on radio and phone over 20 years and receive fast answers to your questions. I love to communicate to know I am on the right path with you and the situation you are calling about. I ask that you spend at least 5 minutes as I become very detailed spiritually and metaphysically the longer we have without short yes/no questions. I do not respond well to yes/no questions. Spirit takes time and I can be good on predicting timing of events but people have free will and things can change. I am detailed, funny, compassionate and want to help you. I have been on Keen for 16 years, a private practice for over 20 years and helped over 75,000 people around the world. I can help you, too, if you just give me a moment to tune in. If I cannot get an answer, I will tell you.
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