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Never had a morning reading w/me before? Message me here with the promo code "FREE 2" to receive your coupon before you call! Then, don't waste time with back story, just get right to your first question. :)
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More than anything else, I am a psychic love coach. I've been with Keen about 20 years now. I live to protect and help love thrive and save it if it can be saved at all.

The perfect beginning to a reading with me is, "My name is ..... and their name is.... and I want to know...." It's that simple. It's that clean, and that quick. With only that, we're off the races.

I'm old. I've been doing this for forty years and I'm sick to death of clients wasting time with small talk. Don't. Just don't. You've got questions, I've got answers. Let's get right to them.

Back story, gets in my way and wastes time.
Small talk, wastes time.
Telling me you're about to ask me a question, wastes time.
Time is valuable. Let's not waste it.
Cause it irritates me and it's never good to irritate your psychic.

One more thing. If, based on what you know, I tell you something that doesn't make sense in the reading, take NOTES on it. Because fiction has to make sense, and reality never has to make sense. So it's not something to waste time debating about... it's something to take notes on.

If I restricted my readings to information that only makes sense to you, they'd be more boring, less accurate and less amazing.

If I tell you something logical and it happens, "ho hum." But if I tell you something that makes no sense at all and it happens... aha .... THEN we have amazement! Then you KNOW I'm psychic. And that's exactly the way I like it. :)

Hope this helps all of us get the most accurate readings quickly, with fewer interruptions.

I have a floating schedule: I work early mornings, usually seven days a week. I'll start somewhere between 4 and 7 am central standard time, and work until 8 am to 11 am.   

Best time, 5 am to 7 am with your morning coffee.  :)

More than anything else, I am a psychic love coach. I've been with Keen about 20 years now. I live to protect and help love thrive and save it if it can be saved at all.
Approach to Topics

The less I know up front, the more accurate I am.

I won't let you give me the background story first. If you tell me you were fussing and I see he's upset with you... how do you know that was psychic? Only if you 'don't' give me the background story. That's how.

Before you spend a dime. You'll need to message me the promo code "FREE 2" in the subject line to get your first 2 minutes of reading on me. (offer only good if you live in the Continental U.S.A.) When we connect, only give me your first names and first question.

The less I know up front, the more accurate I am.

I am a MORNING reader... the earlier the better. (4am to 9am-ish) Some things I tell you will make all the sense in the world. Because sometimes, not often, life IS logical. Other things I tell you may seem impossible, please, don't waste your money telling me that. Just take notes. Fiction has to make sense, reality... not so much.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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