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Tired of vague answers from others? Get empathic compassionate & detailed answers -plus timeframes are a specialty. Specific Questions only! Find out whats coming up and how to navigate any situation for your higher good!
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I am a certified reiki practitioner and can offer distance healings, as well. I am a true Lightworker. My Maw Maw, (of Cherokee Indian heritage)...noticed that I knew things that I had no possible way of knowing by age 3. I am a first wave Indigo and an empath. I care deeply for the planet and animals especially. I am strongly connected to nature and believe my "mission" is to help bring this planet to a higher vibration. I am also a certified clinical aromatherapist and clinical hypnotherapist and have studied the healing arts since 2009.
Approach to Topics
I can read the energies of my clients and the energies of those in question.I also channel messages from the angels. I speak directly to my spirit guides. They provide me with messages, visions and details in regards to your situation. I can let you know exactly how someone is feeling and what they are thinking. I can give general timing, but remember the free will actions of yourself and others can change your timeline slightly -- it will never be 100% accurate all the time. I can predict a major outcome in the timing of seasons, as I feel the 4 seasons specifically. I specialize in soul mate and twin flame connections. I am able to diagnose these connections clearly. For best results, stay open to the messages that I receive for you, b/c they may mean a lot more to you in the future (even months, years later). Will use oracle cards to clarify for you, if you would prefer. Serious, inquiries only! It is my obligation to tell you the truth, even if it may be difficult to hear. it's so you can make new choices for yourself and be free! :-) News will be conveyed in a way that will be non-judgemental and professional, as always! If your heart is not genuine I will know!

Please note *** I do not encourage repeat readings on the same subject/POI where you are spending too much of your personal funds causing hardship. Things need time to manifest or unfold. I am very sensitive to picking up anxious feelings & that could have an effect on your reading. The purpose of the reading is to receive the information you need to make your own choices, that are best for you! I get the information from the Divine (angels/guides/spirit). A good reading will always resonate with your own intuition & I can assist you with tapping into your own abilities as well. My clients are always in control of their reading and what they would like to manifest. I will deliver the information based on what I see and how they can manifest what it is they desire. We will together review if what you want is in your best interest or even possible @ this time. Healing and clarity are also a priority! I am also a healer, so I send positive energy my clients, to open your heart-- so you may receive the blessings that you are hoping for. If you do not feel you are worthy or deserving of whatever you are asking for, it will take a lot longer to come to you! I also take breaks regularly to clear my energy between clients (I will address your concerns as soon as I can). Gratitude and Blessings for Choosing Me! :-)

***If you have a negative attitude or negative energy, please do not contact me, it is best to first clear your energy and get centered before any kind of reading would be beneficial. It is very hard to read the situation if you are overly emotional or freaking out. It's for your higher good for the best and most accurate reading possible.

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  • Honest · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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