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Luna Sue
Luna Sue
His/Her intentions and feelings. Time Frames.
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His/Her intentions & feelings. New love, reuniting, divorce, engagement, marriage. I see & hear it. Blessed to see timing, I share all, stalls & staying on destiny's path, don't give up! Career& job too. Kind :) Helpful.
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Happily married to the love of my life.

Gifted at birth, a Third generation psychic, a native Indian, I use my gift of clairvoyance to help others. I've been providing accurate, compassionate, psychic readings since 1984 and I always give my clients as much detail as possible to explain what is happening, why it is happening, what is going to happen and when things will change. I can see what others in your life are thinking, contemplating, and I can channel their feelings which allows Spirit to show me the future and what's about to happen in your life. I share what is seen so that you don't have to guess at intentions, hold yourself back, waste your time or give up hope... whether it's someone in your love life, your work place, a friend, neighbor or family member.

I don't ask questions and I won't waste your time focusing on anything that isn't relevant. I answer your questions truthfully, sincerely, without false hope and I never judge a situation, person or energy that is seen. Clients tell me often that I end up answering many questions they had that they didn't realize they had while I am answering what is most important to them.

I am here to help you plain and simple. It doesn't matter what has happened up to this point in your life... I can see the past, the present and what is happening in the future... I live my life to help others, it's what I was born to do. My first psychic experience was when I was six years old and I saw three days out into the future that my grandmother was going to leave this earth. I saw the sunlight shining through a window in a room that wasn't her home and I shared this with my parents. Unfortunately my mother wasn't able to make it in time to the hospital to say goodbye to her mother as she didn't want to believe what I was seeing. When she heard her mother had been rushed to the hospital three days later, there just wasn't enough time for her to catch a flight and arrive in time to say farewell and before my mother passed she shared how the one regret she had was that she wished she would have listened to what I was "seeing" and would have flown down to spend time with her mother that week whether her time to pass was coming or not. My heart has always hurt for my mother for that, I know she and my grandmother have reunited in another life. I have been seeing and feeling the future like this all of my life. I know the lesson I learned was to trust what the Universe was allowing me to see and to not hold back or judge it, just to share it.

With my gifts of psychic clairvoyance, Spirit's guided hand and the will and desire in my heart to help others, I am confident I can help you. Please call today and let me put your mind at ease on the things that trouble you. There is no need for you to be in pain, to feel confused or wonder how long you must be patient waiting for things to change in your life. As I do believe in destiny -- I don't believe everything is prettily set in stone, except for timing -- there are some things in our free will that we can change as 'the journey' is our destiny and 'how' we get there is our free will. So we can add or subtract from things and people in our lives, make them better or worse with our choices and the things we say and do. I believe psychic insight into the future can help us try to choose what is most positive most of the time. And though we can't control timing, I've been told throughout the many years of my reading for people that my time lines and timing are very, very good.

It doesn't matter how complex or simple your questions are, I can help you. Before you give up or walk away from something or someone in your life, anything at all, give me a call.
Approach to Topics
I have wonderful Spirit guides who help me to connect with your spirit guides in order to help you whether it's in your love life, personal life or job. I'm a clairvoyant psychic so I can see, feel and hear what the people in your life are thinking and what their true intentions are toward you. This allows me to see the future and how it will unfold so that I can share that information with you and help guide you with Spirit. It is my belief that although we have free will, we do have a destiny and there can be many changes throughout the journey in our lives and it's my job to share with you all that I see, hear and feel in your life without sugar coating or giving false hope. My approach is direct, I don't "dance" all over the place however I deliver information to you from a compassionate and understanding heart.

I can see when your love life is going to change and when your relationship is going to flourish. I can channel when the love between you and your current partner, your ex, someone from the distant past or someone who is new in your life is going to change and when. I also can share with you what I see when it comes to reconnecting with a soul mate or dealing with a powerful Twin Flame.

I can see the time lines of when the Universe will lift your love to the next exciting level and when more tenderness, greater intimacy, better and consistent communication will exist between the two of you. If it's time to move on, I will share that with you so that you can keep your fabulous journey in life moving forward! And if it's a time to wait, I share that as well because it's important for us to know when patience will be rewarded by the Universe to give us the path forward to living our most desired and blessed dreams. I've been told my readings are very powerful and highly informative.

Are you experiencing stalls in love or are questioning someone's faithfulness to you? Are you concerned that your partner is fearful of commitment even though the love is clear between you? I know it's stressful and hurts when we feel stuck or worry if someone is being honest with us or if they are just using us or passing the time with us, I can clear this up for you. Especially if you are waiting on them to make changes in their life such as leaving a relationship to be with you, cutting ties they have with their ex or are dealing with financial stress. I can look past this energy and see the truth from the excuses because it's my job to deliver to you all of the information the Universe shows for you in your life.

My gifts are not just limited to love and relationships, I can read many parts of your life. What about your job and financial energy? I can see when a career change, promotion or new job is ahead for you. I can see when your overall finances will improve and how this will impact your life. I am here to give you clarity and that's exactly what I will do.

If you are seeking to connect with a psychic who is understanding, accurate and sincere then I extend my hand and heart to you. I love my work, I care for my clients and I want to help you. Please call or live chat with me today. Blessings to you always, in love and light. ~Luna Sue
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