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Maiden of Wisdom
Maiden of Wisdom
Get the Truth about YOUR Mate! No Fluff Psychic!
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Honest Reader-Rated a 5-star Reader for 17 years who cares about you! Accurate Readings on Relationships and marriage! Fast, on point! Please read ad! Call ONLY if you are ready to HEAR the TRUTH!
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***Please Read Ad prior to call!***

I am a natural born Psychic-a true intuitive. I have read friends, strangers, bosses, done Chatroom readings with true accuracy rating in my lifetime. I am Voice Sensitive-a Clairvoyant and Empath. I studied under some of the best experienced and wisest Psychics, Lightworkers and trance mediums-when younger. I observed things that shocked me, amazed me-but was told after working with me-I had the Gift-accept and not fear it-use it! I have doing for now for over 35 years-and 17 years experience as a Professional Reader. I depend on what Spirit and my angels show me though. I work only in the light and use the gift of discernment in my readings-and am also a precognitive Psychic.

I have had 2 NDE (near death experiences*) in the past years and 2 OBE(out of body experience*). I have learned there is definitely an 'afterlife' and angels are very real for those wonder! Do I believe in miracles and things changing? Most definitely! Being here is not about me-it is about every person I encounter in my life-and how I can help them on their own journeys of life in seeking love or romance or just searching for that someone special. I don't deal in 'fairytale romances'-ONLY the truth!

I am thankful to be living, breathing and know I have things to do here on this earth still ahead of me-the most important is helping others to know life is so very precious and every day is a gift. Also-you can NOT take people you love for granted NOR can you waste time in relationships that may not be what you expected or need! You deserve to BE LOVED-not only to 'give love'; but that means total balance and compromise between two people. I have done relationship readings in the past for many-who learned relationships can be tricky and sometimes outsiders (especially Psychics*) can see things you may not! Learning to empower yourself and also finding balance in who you are helps you in all areas of relationships! I also had training in Crisis Counseling-which showed me the importance of really listening to others.

I've read all my life but been doing Keen Readings as a Professional Psychic for 17 years-with 5-Star Feedback as a Keen Reader with over 17,300+ Readings in Life Questions-thousands pleased that called me worldwide! If you're led to call me-please do! Spirit knows what you need and who-and is never wrong! If you're seeking true honesty, integrity and proven accuracy that has been tried and tested to be true--please know I offer you all that Spirit and my angels give me and more! Isn't it time for hearing the honest truth about finding peace about what true love is and how to find solutions about your relationship?

YEAR: 8/21/2003
MEMBER: acct2885
"IF you don't want to hear the TRUTH, then this lady is NOT for you. She sees ALL the truth; and is kind enough not to deceive you. I found her very refreshing. I will definitely call back!"

I've been gifted all my life in reading people; but was told share the Gift professionally by another Reader who heard me online giving out readings to others-so arrived to Keen in 2002. I don't do Legal and or Medical type readings-so please don't ask me. Call me and use your own judgement. You alone can decide if I am indeed the real deal! You can judge any Reader by what others say and/or tell you. I only ask one thing-please call me and judge for yourself! Your time is important to me and your life and helping in your love or any type of relationship. I'm only a messenger-but one who truly cares about each person who calls me! It would be my honor and my pleasure to read you!

WARNING:: The Truth ONLY is told here -NOT a fairytale that hurts YOU later on. If you cannot handle that-PLEASE call a different Reader! I walk in integrity-and will NEVER compromise it!
I do NOT answer/read any Legal/Health/Lottery or pregnancy related questions/readings--per Keen policies. Thank You!!
Approach to Topics
I am a no fluff Psychic-as I believe the real truth is what you are entitled to! I do not hand out fairytale readings; but offer real honesty and truthful answers to those who are serious about love! I wish to help empower you about your Love relationships and marriage issues-in an 'ever-changing world'! I offer clear guidance to help restore inner peace, absolute joy and offer wisdom about each of your concerns- will answer those haunting questions you can't just ask anyone, even a friend-but want clear answers to-from a confidant who won't judge you! I am fast-to the point-no wasted time! I'm 100% honest and have read strangers/others with proven accuracy for years-thanks to Spirit and the many angels that have guided me to share the Gift. I do specific questions, do dates and/or timeframe information in all readings-sometimes pick up names, descriptions of people, of places and important information.

I do encourage you to take notes if you call me and have all questions ready prior to placing a call! I always depend on what Spirit alone tells me you need to know. I am available normal hours 7 days a week and also holidays. Hours can vary some days-so please send email if not available! You can call any of 1000 Readers anywhere-but I guarantee you-I am the one who you'll finally call that will be friendly, caring, but totally 100% honest and caring enough to tell you the real truth about your relationship! I am a true messenger here to help you discover real answers and lasting solutions for your matters of the heart! Isn't that why you call a Reader?
~ Blessings~
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