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hello I am a spiritual reader who can read you with out tools. I also do the tarot cards if you would like them done. My grandmother had this spiritual gift and I believe I inherited the gift from her.
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I always had the gift of being a spiritual worker but it wasn't until twenty years ago I started to work on my gift to help others. When I was four years old I did see the virgin Mary and since then I knew we all have the power to create our own destiny by our own inner moral compass. I remember reading an article in the newspaper which said how to read with playing cards. I would read the cards but then I would get messages that where more deep then just what the cards had to say. I later brought a deck of tarot cards and read for family and my co-workers. As I got older my gift became stronger and decide to put my gift to work . I would be helping others world wide and I in turn would be establishing a business which I would be successful with the gift that was given to me by my creator. Each life touches another as we are all connected me helping one person can go on to help another and the circle will widen with many creating a life they were meant to live. We all are on this earth with a journey to complete. The road of life is always under construction we have to accept that only we can manifest what we want and strive to make it happen. Always follow your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem to others. Be that co-creator of your life, keep on striving, keep on believing your dreams can come true. Get out their seize the day as tomorrow is promise to no one. Live a life of gratefulness and it will be a happy one. In the words of Ghandhi- BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. May God richly bless you during this journey call LIFE.
Approach to Topics
During my readings I will be compassionate about your situation but yet i will not sugar coat and give you false hope. I understand that people come for guidance as they are most likely hurting from a lost in a relationship, a job or their life has a shift in which they needs someone to encourage them as this to shall pass. When you come to a reading with me take deep breaths and prepare what you would like to tell me to look into. I pick up peoples energy and when it is all over the place and not focus by time we are done with the reading you will be calmer and focus. I charge a low fee as I am in this line of work to help others with my gift. I feel the more we give out blessings to others the more God opens his hands and showers down his blessings to us. Most of the time in love relationships it is not that the other person has fallen out of love but only that the communication is not what it use to be as people get comfortable in relationships as we just hear the other but do not listen. The key to a successful relationship is listening to what the other person has to say and help them grow as a person. When we bring out the best in others that is when we have successful relationships. I will always help you to remove the blockage of doubt, insecurities that are keeping a person from being truthful as to how they feel. I give all my prayers, spiritual rituals to help you feel good about yourself and your situation for free. Our happiness lies within us but many people looks for others to fix them. What we manifest we create, negativity will bring in negativity as positive will bring positive blessings to you. My readings are done with out tools but i will use the tarot at times to guide me. Time lines are not written in stone but it is only the energy i feel as to when it will manifest. You create the outcome when you have the faith as to what your higher being is telling you no matter who they are that this is what they want for you. Don't be anxious as to go to many readers asking the same question as you will change the good outcome as you are saying you do not trust the God who is in total control of what will happen but you question what if it doesn't happen. Too much thinking also about the person in question causes blockage as their energy is block as what they should do. Concentrate on you and let it all unfold into what your creator has plan for you. Look forward to connecting with you soon. May the Good lord bless and keep you and always shine his face upon you. God bless hugs and kisses going your way. Don't worry be happy. love Malena
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