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Marie Anna
Marie Anna
What blessings are coming to you in the new year?
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You are NOT helpless in any situation. 99% client satisfaction. I have helped my clients see things differently that have changed the outcomes to their favor.
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I've been reading for 30+ years and it's very accidental. I have no idea how I know, but I do.

My deepest desire is that you're happy. Everyone is connected through energy and that connectivity could be joyful. Let's make the world a happy place.

I am university educated, with experience in all employment sectors; government, non-profit and private and corporate. Most of my work experience has been in traditionally male occupations. I've also lived aboard in Brazil and Sweden.
Approach to Topics
NOTE ABOUT TIMING: I always read the worse case scenario. I will tell you further out that I believe it to happen. It generally happens sooner. For instance, if I get "four" it could be four weeks, it could be four days, and it could on the forth of the month.

We need to ask complete questions to start. It's preferable to have questions that aren't closed ended (yes/no).

We look at what's coming toward you. What's your best course of action? Can the outcome be changed?

If you take the opposite course of action than the suggested one, your outcome can be radically different. All actions will have a response, even yours. We want you to have the best response and outcome.

I do not read what the querent will do nor do I read the querent.

Nothing is "meant to be". I believe we all have different possibilities. You're job is to find what makes you happy.

I will ask you to think of other things or I will distract you whilst reading your questions. This is to keep your feelings and beliefs out of my reading.

Please allow at least five minutes for a reading so I can connect.

Please be aware that I tend to take calls early in the morning, starting around 7am CST. If you're in queue waiting in the morning, you could get called early. I stop taking calls when I'm drained for the day. I will not take calls and work with clients if I'm not 100%. You deserve the best that I can give.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Detailed · 71
  • Honest · 70
  • Helpful · 69
  • Kind · 69
  • Accurate · 67
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