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Marie Anna
Marie Anna
Celebrating 20 Years Serving Clients on Keen.
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October 2022, I have officially been reading on Keen for twenty years.

It started at a keg party in university with a pack Bicycles cards that were purchased at the downtown Woolworths. I was just fooling around and in the end, I read for around 20 other classmates that night. Over the course of the next year, everything that I had predicted that night had come true.

Other parties tried to book me after that and I refused. My religious upbringing conflicted with the practice. It took years for me to truly get over the phobia.

Within a year I started knowing things that I should not have know in advance. I sent the entire year New York City on business and I refused to go into the World Trade Center and they could barely get me to entire Tobin Plaza. It felt like digging in a grave yard. It wasn't fear, it was just creepy. Within six months truck bomb was detonated in the North Tower's underground garage. Even so, I knew that was not the end of it and the following years I still refused to go into those building or walk onto the plaza. The fate of that business district came to no surprise to me.

I knew in advance before things were going to happen. It mostly was for other people or events. If I am too close to a situation, there is a block. However, I have averted danger for myself dozens of times. I thought it was just instinctual.

Right after the World Trade attack, I went into a local new age shop and picked up my first couple of tarot decks and started reading at that local shop once a month. The owner of that shop encouraged me to find another venue suggested that I read via phone and pointed me to Keen. He thought I was too talented to confine myself to his local shop. It was four years later before I started reading full time. I had kept my professional job until that time. I currently work both self employed in my profession and on Keen. Admittedly, my hours on Keen aren't consistent because of this.

I have worked in several sectors and are well versed in corporate, non-profit and governmental jobs. That's helped me relate to questions about careers. At one point I had over 700 employees, 20 managers and 50 supervisors that answered to me. I learned that the corporate life was not for me. I've also lived in Brazil and Sweden and am world traveled. Sometimes I think God or the Divine Intelligence makes us psychics go through stuff to force us to relate to hard situations.
Approach to Topics
My clients are my friends. They have given me the consent to walk around in their lives with them and I take this job extremely seriously. I can remember clients from 20 years ago as if it were yesterday. It oftentimes feels like I'm living it with them. It's very personal to me. I'm honored and humbled by my clients' trust in me.

I read cards and I pick up things psychically. I don't know how. I don't understand the terminology I hear people use about different psychic skills. I can easily pick up people that have passed, if they know they have passed. I can read most pets, too.

NOTE ABOUT TIMING: I always read the worse case scenario. I will tell you further out that I believe it to happen. It generally happens sooner. For instance, if I get "four" it could be four weeks, it could be four days, and it could on the forth of the month.

We need to ask complete questions to start. It's preferable to have questions that aren't closed ended (yes/no).

We look at what's coming toward you. What's your best course of action? Can the outcome be changed?

If you take the opposite course of action than the suggested one, your outcome can be radically different. All actions will have a response, even yours. We want you to have the best response and outcome.

I do not read what the querent will do nor do I read the querent.

Nothing is "meant to be". I believe we all have different possibilities. You're job is to find what makes you happy.

I will ask you to think of other things or I will distract you whilst reading your questions. This is to keep your feelings and beliefs out of my reading.

Please allow at least five minutes for a reading so I can connect.

Please be aware that I tend to take calls early in the morning, starting around 7am CST. If you're in queue waiting in the morning, you could get called early. I stop taking calls when I'm drained for the day. I will not take calls and work with clients if I'm not 100%. You deserve the best that I can give.

STOP!!! Before you call and request my services, please read the following.

WHEN DO READINGS NOT COME TRUE? When addiction, mental illness or ill intent is part of the reading.

Over the years I have found the following to affect the outcomes of my readings.
1. When my client has ill intent.
2. When the subject (a person) of the reading has a mental illness, an addition or taking prescribed psychotropic pharmaceuticals.
3. When my client had an addition to the outcome or an addiction to getting readings. Get the reading and let it go.
4. When my client is dishonest with me. If you're dishonest with yourself, I'll tell you.
5. Interpretation of events by myself or the client.
6. My client's free will. I do not read my clients. How my client treats the situation or the person can and will effect outcomes.

There are rare times that I will tell a client that I cannot read for them. It normally involves that client getting personal with me or insulting me-personally. Constantly demanding free readings, minutes or asking me to take my services off Keen will also create a negative spirit. I'm hypersensitive to demanding and ungracious people. I just won't read for you. I would rather accept negative feedback from asking people not to call me again than screw up my other clients' readings and spoiling my abilities for them.

Finally: You are loved. Respect the Divine Intelligence that created you. You are individual and you are very valuable. Thank you for allowing me to walk with you.
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