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Marissa Trueheart
Marissa Trueheart
Amazing accuracy! Quick reader! No tools! Honesty!
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I am a highly gifted love advisor to several high profile clients. Let me use my gifts to provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing you have the most complete knowledge of your situation available.
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Offering love and relationship psychic readings takes a special kind of sensitive. Not every psychic is actually good at working on relationships. Many a so-called love psychics tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. Others have an inability to truly observe your circumstances and allow you to be and do what you need because of their personal emotional limits. Many more inexperienced love psychics do not possess the skills to hold space for you when you’re stressed or broken-hearted. Instead, they attempt to uplift you in order to bypass your situation rather than provide workable wisdom. For all these reasons you need a trusted psychic reading from a proven love and relationship psychic with real experience dealing with the real heartbreak.
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Not every psychic has the special touch needed to work with people in the midst of heartbreak, people who have lost loved ones, people in relationships in transition - people who need real answers so that they can pick themselves up from the pain and find a path to hope, healing and love. It takes more than psychic vision to walk people through the rocky roads they might be facing, to hold their hands at a time when they may feel at their most vulnerable. Some psychics just don’t have the skills or emotional understanding to hold space for the stressed or broken hearted. Other so-called love psychics are notorious for taking peoples money just for telling them what they want to hear. Not only does Marissa see and feel things others don’t - she has the compassion and understanding to share hard truths. Marissa’s devoted clientele trust her to give them the good and the bad about the situations they are dealing with - and she gives them the strategies to navigate emotional minefields with finesse.
Approach to Topics
I am a very connected reader. I do not have a "style" and sometimes I feel that you need kindness, other times that you need the truth; straight up with no fluff or false promises. I deliver the universe's messages the way my empathic gift tells me too. I do not use any kind of tools or cards, just my own gifts. I understand what it feels like to have a broken heart and I use my gifts to help you reignite your relationship, communicate with your partner effectively, get out of the friendzone, get out of a toxic relationship, regain self esteem, and so many other things. I realize that there are many readers to choose from and it is my goal to be the best! My accuracy is about 90 percent. I want to help people and truly believe this is my lifetime calling. Timing is very difficult and should not be the focus, most readers including myself are best telling emotions as well as outcomes.
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