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A heavy soul? Need to chat? Allow the Tarot de Marseille answer your love concerns. I will read their message for you in plain words. More than 35 years experience
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I describe myself as a humanist and a Believer. At least three generations before me were raised knowing that there is more in this world than gross matter, knowing that despite the challenging situations there is hope and the best road is to put what we know to the service of others who might find it useful.
I have read Tarot de Marseille since 1986 and have found it a sound way to understand circumstances and chose paths to work on them. A friend gave me a deck and I was actually able to "read" it... then my interest became a Master of Arts dissertation on how valid knowledge can be obtained from symbolic images. Five years of reading to the public gave the practical validation to the paper. Tarot in my own experience has become a life companion to clarify personal and public consultations.

Approach to Topics
Though a long and well lived individual, I am not a psychic. I work with an interpretative instrument so a well formulated question and an open mind will help a lot to make a successful reading. The best readings I have done are a collaborative work between me and the consultant.
A question whose answer is a yes or no is not the best way to use the Tarot de Marseille. Ask a question with brief context of what do you want to find out... and you will be surprised. The more pertinent information you give, the more I can help you. The Marseille is wasted over a 5 word chat line on first contact.
I guarantee you I am not telling you my story but focusing in yours. What I see in the cards may be expressed in simple words but is no canned advice one size fits all. The more open you are to the consultation, the more in depth I can bring up from the description of the situation. I strive for you to come out of the reading with a feeling of understanding and hope. In all times your concerns will be taken with respect and care.
Feedback is appreciated but is a personal thing. I am the same reader to those who give 5 starts and those who gave 1. Is the consultant the one that is different. Asking me first line "What about X?" and then getting frustrated and rude because I ask a few more questions is showing lack of understanding of the tools I use and what they are for and a waste of time and money for both. I understand consultants come sometimes in great distress. I am only in my best to help and clarify. And a rude that cannot be worked with gets blocked.
On "predictions" Tarot de Marseille describes the situation and hints for its development but is impossible to predict exact timing. Some cards point to fast developing processes while others show slow caution or foundation laying processes. In all, human action can speed or delay them.

Wishing you Peace!

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