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The foundation of any relationship is love, loyalty, trust, and honesty. If any of your four corners are weak or missing, your relationship will experience a breakdown and your desires unfulfilled. Build on solid ground.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Hi there! I am Masosa, a Gifted Seer and a Prophetess who gives spiritual advice by divine law. Neither negative nor positive feedback deters my spiritual calling to help people. Thus, do not let another person's feedback, based on the circumstances they are dealing with, decide whether you call or chat with me--please make your own decision. Sometimes people leave negative feedback because what I reveal does not agree with what another advisor told them. If you are calling to check what another advisor told you, I'll pass on that question since you are choosing to shop for a preferred answer. Keen encourages advisors and callers to report technical difficulties they may experience during a live call or chat, so there is a remedy for calls that experience problems. I look forward to speaking or chatting with you soon. Here's why: I had over 400 prophetic visions. I see and interpret visions to give you direct answers. I teach and admonish through psalms, spiritual songs and prayer. During our live advice call or chat, I will ask you to relax as much as possible to read your energies. You must be spiritually mature to receive the guidance even if it's not what you want to hear.

Peace and blessings,
Approach to Topics
Masosa on Breakups/Divorce:

To help you on this topic please be prepared to provide the only first names of the two persons in the relationship or marriage. Oftentimes, there may be another woman or man involved too which I will usually pickup on right away. You may be concerned whether your significant other will come back to you, when he/she may call or if there will be a reconciliation. Here, I know you need guidance. This is a delicate subject and I will address it carefully.

Masosa on Commitment-phobia:

On this topic, I often hear from woman in relationships with men that treat them like a doormat. This is unacceptable ladies! Sometimes, I woman does not know her worth and is willing to accept any foolishness. Other times, the significant other is not ready to make a commitment because of past hurt, financial hurdles, or communication issues. Either way, my guidance will share where the problem lies and how to move beyond it.

Masosa on Destiny/Life Path

I believe your destiny/life path is a beautiful gift from the Creator! I love receiving calls and chats on this topic because I get to glimpse your light and walk a little part of your life journey. It's okay to get stuck and not which direction to turn--this is a part of life. We all have setbacks in life, but I believe you pick yourself up and dust off and keep moving!

Masosa on Infidelity

Disloyalty of any kind is so painful and has a long lasting impact on people. Yet, I am a firm believer in two principles 1) forgiveness and 2) retribution. That's right, sometimes an infidel gets a boomerang for the wrongdoing. Yet, let's not forget about mercy and grace that conquerors all wretchedness.

Masosa on Love/Relationships

I want to hear about all kinds of relationships; not just between lovers, but mothers-daughters, fathers-sons, friends and others. Love manifest in many different ways and is expressed through thoughts and actions. Oftentimes, people substitute giving wealth for love instead of sharing their time and hearts. To help you understand your love/relationships I will look for guidance on the foundation.

Peace and blessings,

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