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11:11 Twin Flame Advisor & Holy Fire Reiki Master
The Best 11:11 Twin Flame Advisor. I connect with your energy & the spiritual energies of your twin flame. I reunite U with your twin flame. Clairvoyant & Reiki Master. Get Real Answers & real healing. Get Names Dates Times!
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I first realized that I had psychic gifts at the age of five when my grandmother passed on. A few months after her passing she came to me one night while I laid awake in bed. I was so close to her and to see her spirit standing before me warmed my heart. As I grew older seeing spirits and having pets and family members that had passed over became a common occurrence for me. In my early twenties I began to hone my skills to communicate with those that had passed over and I would bring messages to others from their loved ones. Consistently rated Accurate, detailed, helpful, honest and kind by keen clients. I have reunited clients that were breaking up, affected by cheating and affairs.
Approach to Topics
With over 275,000 professional readings since 1995, I am your Twin Flame Advisor. As a Psychic Medium, Healer, Life Coach and Twin Flame Sacred Advisor, I offer spiritual "healing" through" through my readings. I connect with your spiritual energy (higher self), and the spiritual energies of those connected to you through your angels and your guides. Not only do I connect with your angels and guides, but as a medium, I connect directly with your energy and that of your twin flame. Only messages of pure love and spiritual "healing" to come through. It is important to understand that the messages you receive during my readings do not come from me. The messages and guidance you receive comes directly from your angels, your energy and your guides. My readings can also help to strengthen the spiritual connect between you and your own angels and guides making it easier for you to receive their messages yourself.During our session I become a clear focus to bring you the guidance you need to reach your highest potential, growth and success, live the life you dream and achieve personal growth that will ultimately bring you joy. No matter what life brings you, seize the opportunity to grow more positive and gain true depth from the experience. Our session will give you the guidance and tools to create positive personal change in all areas of your life. Choose to fill your life with clarity, joy and depth of purpose. Invest in your brillance! Contact me now and let's make your dreams and goals a reality. Consistently rated Accurate, detailed, helpful and kind by keen clients.

Twin Flame Reunion Meditation and Prayer by Lynn Marie
If you are more spiritual than your Twin flame you’ll be in the position of being their spiritual healer. Both halves of this union must have a healed soul. Begin you healing session by imagining the Violet Flame surrounding both of you. Envision this flame dissolving all of his past relationships, tense family situations, and anything or anyone that is keeping your twin flame from happiness. Always let your twin know you love him unconditionally. Repeat this initial meditation many times before proceeding.

Twin Flame Prayer
To the Highest of the Highest Arch Angels and all of the Universal Light Energies of Unconditional Love,
I ask that my Twin Flame recognize this love
And seal our love in union
For all of the universe to witness.
Give my Twin the wisdom to know
With certainty that he has found
The other half of his soul.

Oh, Spirit of the Highest Order,
Bind us in Body, Mind and Soul,
Eternally and completely.
Instantly open the communication,
Teach us to Learn, to Love and to Grow as One.
I invoke the Love and Light of the Holy Spirit.
Heal all karma and any Dis-Ease (body, mind and soul).

Allow the higher vibration of our love and purpose
To bring peace, love and healing to everyone in our lives.
Remove all obstacles and people interfering and preventing
Our union from happening at this time.
Bless our union, transformation and purpose in this lifetime.
Here and Now!


Repeat this prayer 3 times
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