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I've been doing Love, Spritual, Financial Readings for over 30 years, I can help in all your needs. I teach you how to find your right permanent mate instead of just settling.
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I am on West Coast time. I keep my prices low to help my clients. Prices have no bearings on experience! I have been aware of my spiritual abilities from childhood, had my first visions at the age of 5. In the past 30 years I have worked with two major companies. One of them being a television syndicate. I have a large network of repeat clientele. I can help in all your needs in Love, Financial and Spiritual. Please Do Not use lame excuses like we did not connect or I judge on age Esp. when you don't hear what you wanted to hear in your reading. Age has no bearings on your readings esp. when my Sister's husband is 11 years younger then her. I use ages to focus on your energy and that is all. I do not placate clients, or tell them just what they want to hear. If you can't handle the bad with the good, then please use another reader. It is good to have like minded friends and mates, you live a happier life by doing so. Everyone has a like minded mate but most won't meet them, because they keep the challenging ones thinking they have to settle or don't date the one their reading shows of the right age or location. I try to help you find that like minded mate so you Don't have to settle. I teach you what to look for to find that mate, I do Visual readings not tarot cards, I don't use any tools. Please Leave a Rating after each call, it helps me to keep my prices low. Must be 18 years or older to call, for Entertainment purposes only.
Approach to Topics
My readings combine clairvoyance, spiritual consulting, visualization techniques and positive thinking. Some clients believe that readers are fairy Godmother's, no we are not. We help you on what path to take but we don't make events happen. It is up to you to make events happen. Don't expect to sit at home and then complain that readers events didn't happen. You must get out and live life to it's fullest to make life happen. No mate or job is magically going to come knocking on your door, you must get out and be proactive and make that happen. We guide you on who is good or not or what path to take. But it is you and only you that makes your life event's happen that readers see for you. So for those who say a readers predictions didn't come true, then it is the chioces you made by doing nothing to make your own life events to happen, or change things in your life by continuing on the same paths or being with the same jobs or people that never worked for you before.

I teach you positive techniques to obtain positive results! I know that God gave us all free will to do as we desire, and I ask that you be patient, and apply your positive energy to the end result that I have given you guidance on. You will hear what you need to hear for your reading's, not just what you want to hear. Sometimes a message may not make sense until it comes into light later on. I do not placate anyone you will receive an honest reading even if you don't like what you hear.

Blocks are created by negative input, and environments. So, if you are in negative surroundings you can become your surroundings. If you place yourself in a Positive environment, around positive people and jobs, then life flows much easier.

~*For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness*~*Ralph Waldo Emerson*~

I am on West Coast Time Zone.. God Bless Moe

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