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Do you have questions about a Twin Flame, Soulmates, Breakups, Career, Love Ones passing, Finances, Spiritual gifts, Dreams? When you see your special gifts, your love will radiate to others! And bring love to you.
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As an advocator for human and animal rights from the 60's still going forward. I grew up in Upstate NY, feeling so comfortable with the spirits that had past on in the homes now historical. My gift started as far back as a baby when held in the arms of my parents; I can even now remember their feelings and thoughts as a baby. Not knowing my psychic abilities were not the same for everyone, I thought they could feel and see my true intentions. Very disappointed in communicating with others non verbally took me some time to learn outward communication. My son and grandson who live with me are my purpose in life to help them on their path. My life journey has shown me many different approaches to life: philosophy, forms of religion, cultural, and celestial giving me the ability to appreciate the differences. I worked corporate engineering as a designer in oil. With this behind me I now have the room to show others how to break the glass ceiling while using my gifts to stay centered. Gods world is so amazing! Thank you for interest in my life path.
Approach to Topics
Just first names, not birthdates, is all the Angels need to advise on mind, body, and spiritual wellness to assist you on your journey to find truth to make informed decisions. The information I receive from the Angels surprises me to this day! I have studied, since 15 years old, astrology, numerology, tarot, Fairy's, Orbs, Animal Totems, and dream analysis which is on track with the Angels in some cases. I will support you with informed readings. Never to judge! Only you can make these decisions. Illusions stop us from going forward, so I try to lay it all out to help stop the never ending circles. I don't believe in spells, there is nothing that can stop a another person's free will and alignment with God! There are those who work in negative energy, but the light will always win to pull us up! I work in the light!
The Miami tribe on my mothers side has given me guides who speak to me, through the grace of the universe who loves everyone and all living creatures. From my father I have Fairies and Elves who bring good tiding's. I receive information either empathic, visual, or audial. As a child I told my parents when people were not telling them the truth, and what they were about to do. In the not too distant future their actions showed exactly what I had stated. I believe everyone's most valuable asset is to trust themselves; other people’s interest may only include selfish desires. We must walk our path. When we walk with our guides, learning along our journey, others are learning on their journey As paths cross, I am here to help you with clarity. It is confusing when life is full of stress to understand our intuition. Filtering ones intuition in complex situations can be extremely difficult!
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