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10 minutes for $1.99
If you have questions about love, and what the other person is thinking and/or feeling, I can very clearly give you those responses. Having this knowledge then empowers you to make the best decisions for you! No "Timing" Q's
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I am a professional practicing Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and meditation teacher. I am a global citizen and traveller, and find that travelling to new cultures and sacred spaces is one of the fastest ways to increase my own level of spirituality. I do this work because I love it. I feel privileged to be able to forward guidance to you, and love nothing more than to see my clients thrive, and be their best selves.

Approach to Topics
When you call me, please introduce yourself. Provide your first name, and your question. I will also need the first name of any person or person's that you ask about - as that is how I tune into their energy. I understand that people like to "test the connection" and provide limited information so as not to "influence the reading" etc - but please let me assure you - that a clear question with some context, will give you a far more meaningful response than any tricky games you may like to play. Spirit is here to help you, but dishonesty and games can cloud the energy and skew the responses you recieve. If you need "tests" please refer to my feedback.

I do not do general readings on this site, and I don't read on timing. I also do not read on third parties, as every one, including you, has a right to privacy. Similarly, I will maintain your confidence at all times. Keen does not allow pregnancy, medical or legal questions on this site.

I am a Psychic Medium. This means that I obtain messages directly from Spirit - normally your spirit guides, and mine. These messages are words, pictures and feelings. Your wellbeing is my primary concern, therefore I will always be completely honest with you - whatever message I receive, I will relay to you exactly as I receive it. Please also, try to be calm and centred when you call - this helps me tap into your energy more easily. The messages are clearer - so please, take 3 deep breaths before you call, and be clear about your questions.

The messages I relay to you, are to empower you to make the best decisions possible for you. This means they may not always be what you WANT to hear. They may be what you NEED to hear. I'm a compassionate, empathic person, and I understand that most people who call, are doing so because they are upset or afraid - so I will provide your message as kindly as I possibly can. But I will not lie to you. For any reason.

Sometimes I will receive a message for you after the call has finished, in these cases I will email that information through to you.

I also understand that sometimes you need to hear the message several times - this is perfectly understandable. I'm happy to have those conversations with you - I think we've all been there!

My regular clients call about a variety of life situations, romance, the end of romance, work and work places, homes and moving, financial issues etc - and in all cases I provide the truth as I receive it. There are times, not many, but some, when spirit will not provide an answer, or the detail that you ask for. There is a simple reason for this - life is a mystery and we are here to live it, there are times when it is simply not our place to know the answers we are asking for, as it will affect our experience going forward. When/if this happens, I will tell you.

As we grow as spiritual beings, this concept is one that becomes more prevalent in our lives. The need to know - disappears. But I absolutely understand it, during difficult or upsetting times.

It is my intention to do the very best I can for you, at all times. Whilst I don't take negative feedback personally, it can be upsetting when a message is misinterpreted, or demanded when it is not forthcoming, and then the person lashes out at me, in their anger at life. I get it. But please, if this is something you've done in the past....reflect on why you do that.

Most of my clients don't actually leave feedback.......they just become regular callers who understand that I only want the very best for them. I do appreciate the feedback though - it helps new callers to feel comfortable.

So in short - I feel it is my role in life to assist you as best I can. I will not claim 100% accuracy, and I would urge you to question anyone who does. Life is a moving thing, people have free will - 100% accuracy is not possible...again, I want to be honest about what you can expect when working with me.
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