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Honest, Accurate, No-Nonsense answers! Providing answers on Keen since 2003! Top Rated World Renowned Psychic who provides Detailed Answers and Solid Info. Hold an MS in Psychology. As seen on YouTube!
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Hi! My name is Kassi and I'm honoured that you are considering me as your intuitive adviser.

I'm a Professional Psychic in the Depth Psychology field who has been providing ethical answers to Life's tough questions for 20 years. I'm an intuitive reader who sometimes also works with Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle cards. I have over 18 years of employment as a 5 star reader through Keen, though I'm probably best known for my "Pick a Card" readings on my YouTube channel.

While I was born with an intuitive gift that seems to be hereditary, in 2000, I experienced a medical death during surgery which resulted in a Near Death Experience (NDE) which greatly enhanced my abilities.

I have completed an MS in Psychology and have also worked in the Psychology field in risk assessment for domestic violence, child trauma, forensic psychology, family counselling and as a Family Support Specialist.

My hobbies are reading, composing and playing music, creative writing, and independent study in Psychodynamic Psychology.

Professionally, my biggest influences are Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Marie Louise vonFranz, and Joseph Campbell.

Sagittarius Sun, Leo Rising, Gemini Moon
MBTI: INTJ or Ni dominant (Jungian typology)
Enneagram: 5w4

Age, because sometimes that matters to people, is ... well, I was born in 1980, so I've got a tad of experience on me. : )
Approach to Topics
I receive intuition through guidance from spirit, infused knowledge, and vivid dreams. I also find it helpful sometimes to use tarot cards or other cartomancy to aid in giving quick answers.

It is bad business to give a false reading, so be prepared for the truth. I will always be honest and reasonable with my guidance and deliver the much-needed truth with sensitivity. I will also provide information to help turn a situation around (if it's possible) and your best course of action. It is my goal to provide you confidence with life choices and empower you with accurate information.

I am primarily available for Chat Readings on Keen. You will find my responses to questions detailed with additional information. Also, rest assured that I type 85 WPM (average is 40-60) and will come through speedily. If your chat session ends mid sentence, I will send a free follow-up email to finish the last thought. Additionally, if there is anything about a chat reading that isn't clear, send me an email and I will elaborate for free.

Free minutes are sent to repeat customers and to anyone else upon request!

*Please note that I am currently working on building a reliable schedule on Keen and in the mean time, my availability may not be consistent. Once I have a reliable schedule, I'll post it to my listing.
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