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Moon Maven

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1,271 readings since 2018
Real answers w/ compassion.
Are they the one? Should you take the job? Tarot is the messenger and I channel the message. No-fluff, empathetic, and sympathetic, LGBTQIA. There are facts and there is truth. Which do you want?
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About Me
About Me
I have been reading professionally for 10+ years. Love (is he the one?), Career (am I on the right path?), and Timing (should I move on?). I have the ability to hear the spirits through the veil and hear the energy of the Universe. I read your energy
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
The energy of reading is always tied to your energy and questions so being clear about what you seek is helpful. Your emotional and physical attachments can influence reading in many ways. Always remember that nothing is set in stone.

I like to