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Are you looking for direction from an in-depth psychic sleuth? Santa Fe's own Sage, with 32 years of experience, follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Having had many mentors, I consider myself very well-rounded - with my focus on working in depth with a client. I believe the true sign of a connected intuitive counselor is that feeling of truth and correctness that a person gets during a reading. According to my clients, not only do my readings resonate and ring true in the moment, they continue to ring true (and pay dividends) in the future. Often, timeframes have taken months or even years to materialize, but materialize they do - the true sign of an inspired and connected counselor. That said, please note that I will not be responsible for timeframes manifesting to the exact date. I predict timeframes relevant to the issue, but you have the ability to create your own destiny, through your own free will - all the same. Fortunately, nothing is "set in stone". We wouldn't want to be robotic and, in any case, I would never presume to deny anyone of their ability to make changes through different choices.
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Blessed with a deep and sacred connection with Spirit and all of her creations. I can pick out your beloved's energy from any others and direct you with regard to whatever action is most needed at the given time. In fact, I consider it a great honor to have the opportunity to be of assistance. Here is some directly related feedback:

I didn't want to believe in psychic abilities. In fact, I'd fought my own such abilities for years. Cully knew things about me, my loved ones and my situation that she could not have known any other way but psychic ability. I am more convinced than ever that life, knowledge, information, all of it is energy, and that some of us are primed to receive it more clearly than others. Cully is a gifted receiver, and a good and decent human being. The reading she gave me was life-changing. I am grateful to the universe for leading me to her. - Alisa

I am an intuitive that has a strong sense of integrity regarding what I sense and intuit. I won't only say things that are easy to hear. Are you open to that? Would you prefer I be more gentle or truthful? Let me know when you call so that we can work together in integrity. Remember, the more information you provide for your reading, the better, because a reading is a partnership between the intuitive and the client.
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