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Master/Teacher /Counselor/ Visionary/Intuitive and Destiny Card Reader/ Love Card Compatibility Reader. Find your path and your spiritual connections with your lover, friend, boss. What is your relationship about."
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Destiny/Life Path
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Astrology - Western
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Approach to Topics
Master/ Teacher/Intuitive Counselor/ Visionary
MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE WORKS before you call me
PLEASE READ MY PAGE BEFORE YOU CALL ME I NEED YOUR BIRTHDAY AND ANY ONE THAT YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT? AND YES I ASK YOU A FEW QUESTIONS TO CONFIRM WHAT I AM PICKING UP ABOUT THE SITUATION. I will not give you false hope or tell you what you want to hear. So be prepared to hear something different than what other readers have told you. MY readings are like no other on keen. I am an Intuitive. I feel your vibration. Sometimes I see pictures of your situation. I am not always accurate, but the cards are accurate. I read your personal Cards. Please allow at least 10 minutes for your reading and be fair with your feedback. If you do not understand anything about the energy of the Planets than my readings my sound out of this world to you.
"THE DESTINY CARDS ARE A COMBINATION OF ASTROLOGY AND NUMEROLOGY" YOUR DATE OF BIRTH DECIDES WHAT YOUR CARD is, your Life Path. I DO NOT SHUFFLE ANY CARDS. Your choices in life decide the out come of your life. Everyone has a destined path. What you think, what actions you take will define the out-come of the situations in your life. I can tell you what your spiritual connections are with another person and what the two of you are working out in this life time. Is it about LOVE, SEX, Friendship, or something more challenging. Are you soulmates,do you have Karma to work out, is this relationship about healing each other. The Destiny Cards do not Lie. I read the Cards and the connections I see.I have been reading the cards for over 20 years and they still amaze me with their accuracy. I have done over 10,000 readings so far and I am still AMAZED at what they reveal.I study public people to see if they are on their paths.And amazingly they usually are.
For instance. Brad Pitt and Angelina. Brad is the King of Hearts, the "Loving Father Card", go figure. Angie is the "King of Diamonds". The Business Card. The two of them are truly soulmates. They were truly Destined to be together.Brad and Angie have Moon connections. Brad and Jen have Karma connections, they were never meant to be together for ever. Once the karma is payed off people usually go their own way. Find out what you are up to with the people in your life.

"Destiny Cards" are a very ancient esoteric science. You will get an amazing, accurate and exciting reading.
Please be open and have at least 10 minutes of time for the highlights of your DESTINY! I must have your Date of Birth and anyone that you are asking about if you are calling for the first time. This is how I connect to your energy.

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