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Opera Singer
Opera Singer
Experienced, loving psychic...the real deal!
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Deeply compassionate, empathetic, energetic and articulate psychic is here to provide guidance and inspiration through any of life's circumstances! Excellent accuracy, no tools...a clear, open and honest channel!
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Since I was a young child, I often had visions, and seemed to know what would happen next or intuit why people behaved in certain ways. I was always very empathetic and understood underlying motives as well as dreams and desires, through my dreams and that strong inner voice of guidance. My visions and intuition only became stronger as I matured into adulthood and I found myself naturally channeling and predicting what would happen next with both close friends and acquaintances, having them often asking me if I were psychic. So, that's how I got started as a psychic on Keen, back in 2002.

I've been doing readings for almost 20 years and am not new to Keen, being a sought-after and reputable psychic for many years. However, I took a brief lull from psychic work, due to having the opportunity to fulfill two other life callings: being the owner of a company, which helps people with disabilities find employment and also performing as an opera singer both nationally and internationally!

I'm excited, however, to have returned to my psychic roots, rebuilding my passion and love for providing readings (I'm clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient). I felt especially moved to do so during these ever-changing, tumultuous times where we seem bombarded with negativity and are trying to make sense of it all, navigating it gracefully. Although we may be confronted with an unfolding health crisis and political turmoil, this is also a very powerful period of growth opportunity and renewing our connection with spirit, obtaining guidance by quieting the mind and achieving inward peace and awareness.

I'm convinced that there's a much more beautiful, refined, and harmonious way to live, and that we all need help from time to time with making sense of our own individual and collective experiences to achieve it. That's where I come in as your loving, dedicated, trusted, personal guide and psychic! I consistently strive to be a loving channel of uplift, providing honest, clear and unbiased spiritual guidance and wisdom. I pride myself on being very patient and feel no question is too big or small to ask, all of them are equally important. I will not sugar coat, but I will give you a spoonful of sugar when I tell you the truth, as my guides relay it to me!

Welcome to my world and I can't wait to step into yours, leading you to your highest and greatest destiny, where beautiful experiences unfold in your life! Thank for allowing me to use my gifts to serve you!

Approach to Topics
In readings, I'm a very kind and generous balance of being warm, empathetic but direct. I know that the worst feeling a person can have during a reading is that the psychic is running up their time, being indirect, uncaring or being wishy-washy. You'll get an honest overview from me as well as unique, vivid details that pertain to your situation and I will strive my best to directly answer your questions. I don't like to waste time but prefer to dive right in, giving as many insights and details as possible. I enjoy being specific and will not tell you just what you want to hear! I'm also as generous as I can be with giving free minutes and Keen specials. Your valuable time and heart matter to me! <3 <3
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