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TAROT readings, specializing in love and relationships. I've been there, done that, so no judgement from me!
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Skills & Methods
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PLEASE READ MY PROFILE BEFORE CALLING OR CHATTING WITH ME! No timing, no health, no legal questions, please :)

I have over 20 years of experience reading tarot for myself and for others. I can quickly analyze the cards in a variety of spreads in order to get a comprehensive, overall picture of the situation or a specific yes/no answer. I can read emotions, intentions and outcomes.

I've been reading on Keen on/off since 2000. I've given well over 30,000 readings in my career. Don't worry, I've heard it all....and I love hearing weird/shocking questions.
Approach to Topics
Of course, most people who are calling are asking questions about relationships. I am completely non judgemental and have been doing this a long time...whatever your situation is, it's unlikely to shock or bother me. If you think it's "weird" or are embarrassed or ashamed, bring it on! I'm happy to help and it might be a fun or interesting challenge for me. I'm into it! :)

I don't use a lot of emojis or terms of endearment in chat. Please don't assume a negative tone to my text while in a chat just because there's not a :-) after a sentence. That said, I try to keep readings entertaining and relaxing...you're probably already stressed out and I definitely don't want to add to that.

Please ask clear, specific questions. Asking something like, "What's his deal?" or "What's going on with this situation?" aren't the types of questions I can address with tarot. I need to know what information you're after, what decision you're trying to make or what you want to understand. Using words like "soon" will cause me to clarify....in some situations, soon is tomorrow and to others, it's within a year.

Relationship readings are my specialty. If you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to, turn to or lean on, I'm here! I tend to talk to my clients like they're friends, with an informal attitude and a caring, but direct nature. I'm thanked on a daily basis for being "direct", actually. So if you've found it challenging to get clear answers during readings before, don't worry. You will here. If you ask me a yes/no question, you'll get a yes or no answer....not a wishy washy, "well, if you do this, then that will happen....but if you do this, then that." Nope! I'll tell you what's most likely to occur as of now.

I WANT to see my clients happy and successful, so I do anything I can do to make that happen. In my experience, my cards will give you the answers that you need to hear...whatever they are. I've been there/done that with dating assholes and I know how hard it can be to leave someone behind that you love...even if they're not treating you well all the time. So there's no need to worry about skirting the issue if you're having an affair or have done something you're ashamed of. You can tell me.

Please no open ended timing questions (when is this or that going to happen?) or health questions. Finally, please no sessions under 5 minutes. I know that budget conscious people call readers in my price range, but calls that short ruin my scores and make my listings way far back in the list. Thanks.
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