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My 4.9 rating on Psychic Listings I’ve guided many clients through difficult relationships and their Twin Flame Journey. I’m very kind, understanding, and non judgmental. My services I offer are pure and from my heart.
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Hello my name is Pamela. I grew up with a gifted family who spoke freely about our gifts at a young age. My first ability to see spirit I remember I was 4. My dreams became apart of the rest of my life. My connection to dream world has taken me to many places Astro traveling. I’ve always been able to feel and see truth in anyone I met. I can feel your energy across the world just by your voice or messages. I read the vibrations. My tarot practice started out slow about 30 years ago But in the last ten years I’ve been studying hard. Especially on the Twin Flame Journey. I realized I was a Twin flame almost six years ago and that’s when I met him. I have an incredible ability to feel energy and read it. My softness and kind heart will bring you truth. In the most gentlest way. I will do timelines if you ask. Just remember they can change as soon as you get the reading . It is very difficult for most readers to predict time. Remember there is no time or space. Divine timing ✨ With my understanding of Twin Flames I can read on a higher level for your better understanding of the journey and what you need to do to come into union with yourself and your twin✨
Side note: I am not going to tell you what you want to hear to get a five star review. My reviews speak for themselves 🥰 and the few spuratic rants don’t offend me at all or will it change my ability to guide. Sending love to you❤️
Approach to Topics
… Shes on par with other highly-rated advisors on keen so don’t be fooled by her relatively lower numbers of reviews compared with others…she’s highly-accurate and honest and knows how to read her cards…!3)4 will be top advisor for years to come…

…a highly-competent advisor whose accuracy concerning a complicated relationship issue stood out the most…she reads her cards well and is able to dig beneath the surface to find the truth meaning and motivational behind your concerns.. you won’t be disappointed!

…Pamela777 captures my attention every time. Things she has said have come to fruition. Best contact and reliable. Reliable source. She will not waste your time. Encourage everyone to visit her. Thank you

…Pamela did an amazing job with my reading. She was very insightful and on point with everything. She was shockingly accurate. I felt very comfortable talking with her. I will definitely use her again.

Pamela knows her stuff- and is great at relaying information clearly regarding the tarot cards. She brought me a lot of peace and comfort during an extremely challenging and trying time. She is very direct and straight forward, but provides information in a kind and gently way. If I could give more stars, I would. Will certainly be back for another reading!

…I could have kept listening to her! Detailed…Extremely interesting!

…Conversation happened in 3 days like you saw

…Pamela did an amazing job with my reading. She was very insightful and on point with everything. She was shockingly accurate. I felt very comfortable talking with her. I will definitely use her again.
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