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I will tell you if he is cheating, with whom, and when things will change in your relationships. I will help you to have the happiest, most committed and full filling relationship you can.Names, dates, details. Real Psychic
I noticed my gifts at the age of 7, and at that time psychic work was not believed. I was told to keep quiet. I pursued college and other careers. I had a calling of sort. Over the years, more and more people were sent to me. I found that while working other careers, people kept coming to me for readings. I noticed my intuitiveness, my gift of empathy, my ability to see, hear, feel, describe people, rooms locations, etc became stronger and stronger. I finally gave in and this became my full time career, and how I support myself and family. I have been reading for 50 years. I was one of the first ones put on Keen when they opened. At that time readers were tested by an independent third party. I was tested and approved. I have taught seminars and classes, and have helped many people in all walks of life, have their happiest relationships. My abilities were utilized way before I understood the internet. People came to me out of the blue. I do not seek them out, they seem to be sent to me.

I have been approached several times to do T.V. and radio, and to write books. Right now, I prefer to read one on one, and not be splashed across media. By reading one on one, I give you my best, rather then trying to reach 200 people in an audience. Yes, I could do that with accuracy, but I prefer to help, not entertain. Not only clients, but couples come to me for advice, and help along their path. On this listing you get quality, experienced, in depth, detailed, clear, honest, and compassionate love and relationship readings.

I do not believe in spells or hocus pocus. To each his own, and I respect all religions and beliefs. I learn from all religions. However I believe in the power of pray and God. I have never believed in fillers, drawing out readings, or spinning a caller in circles. I have read longer then the internet has been around. Yes, I am that old. My gifts came from several life times back, some of which I can remember.

f you want honesty and exact detail with times, dates, names, then call me. If you not only want to know your paths and obstacles but how to change your future and get what you wan, t then call me. I believe we can have anything we want. I will show you how. If you feel lost, confused, unsure, or even scared, please call me. I can help you see clearer, make sounder decisions. I can help you find your strength, find yourself, and find God.

Please know, Keen is for entertainment. I offer no response to legal, medical, investment or pregnancy questions. It is not allowed per Keen rules. We are not allowed to read on anything that require a professional license. Callers must be over 18 years old. This listing is for Love and Relationship only please. Thank you
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Hello and Welcome:

I am often Imitated, but never duplicated. Often copied, I am the original name, date, detail giver. I offer no chanting, no games, no 20 questions, no wasted time. True connection to your lovers heart, mind, thoughts, and intentions. True Clairvoyant ability, with my own style, I have been on Keen Since 2000 with accuracy. I am honest, helpful, and caring. Often imitated, never duplicated. I will help you along your path to find the right person, the one you are truly meant to be with. If you are with the right person, I will help you to strengthen your bond, and teach you how to have a better relationship. I will guide you towards your own happiness. Sometimes the truth is tough to hear, but I deliver it in an honest, caring soft spoken style. I also can always find some light at the end of the rainbow, even when there is rain. I give you no fluff, but pure honest, detailed and quick, guidance.

Are you already with someone? If so I will tell you if he/she is cheating on you, and with whom, if they love you, when they will marry you, and most importantly if you can trust them and be truly happy. What good is getting that person if you are not happy? I will let you know if you can be truly happy with them long term.

I will not only give you names, date, and initials when they are given to me, that can alter the outcome of your relationship but I will guide you as what to do to help the outcome be its best. My job is not to sell you a dream, but rather enlighten you, so you can be your happiest. If the one you want you are not meant to be with, I will honestly tell you, and together we will find the right person for you.

My time frames and dates are given on a spiritual plain, and one must live spiritually to bring them about. I can tell you how to do that. I have found over the last 50 years that those who live spiritual, everything I tell them comes to pass, and those who live in logic and reason with no faith, sometimes mess up their path, and the predictions. I do believe in manifestation. What you think and feel does manifest into reality as both the good and the bad. I believe in self full filled prophecy. I have seen it in clients lives and my personal life. I will not only guide you but help you live more spiritual. I will help you to make sound judgements and decisions. I give no wasted time chanting, meditating, playing 20 questions, or praying. I answer your questions quickly. Although I personally do believe in prayer. I connect to your mates soul, heart, head and ears to help you two communicate with each other. I offer immediate connection with no wasted time.

Do not ask me when he/she will call, but rather if they are right for you. Use your time to dig deeper into the paths and their souls. Lets discuss the deeper more important aspects of your love life. What good is their phone call, if they don't end up with you or betray you? Ask me what will open the door and lead to happiness with them.

I often send free minutes, and free follow up lengthy emails to my repeat clients, at my discretion. I will email you, if spirit has more to say, which often happens. My help doesn't end when you end your call. I often scan your situation, and email you out of the blue, if you desire, if there is something to tell you. I asked my private clients to help me form a listing, the number one thing they all said, is that I am caring, I really do care about my clients. They said I am accurate, easy to talk with, understanding, and caring.

Do not let my price scare you, while others may put filler in the reading, I read quickly and to the point. I have over 50 years experience. I am verifiable. I was voted top 20 in the world in an election several years ago. When you add follow ups and minutes it is well worth it. Why not go with longevity and accuracy?
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