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Psychic EchoSunrise
Fast, Accurate & Renowned Love Expert!
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9 Years on Keen! Very Fast Accurate Card Reader! As Seen On World Wide TV, Accurate Renowned Love Reader! I am Also a Certified Medium, Certified Life and Relationship Coach and Third Degree White Witch!
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I am a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Life and Relationship Coach and 3rd Degree Witch with the gifts of:

Clairvoyance: visions, seeing angels, images, and spirits passed

Clairaudience: is clear hearing and feeling

Clairsentience: is defined as clear feeling or sensing.

Psychic Tarot Card Readings

Love Specialist

Life Coaching

Relationship Coach


Spell casting
Approach to Topics
My prices do fluctuate depending on a few things. Which includes low energy levels, working 18 or more hours a-day, overnight shift, weekend and holidays. Plus, this kind of work does take a lot of energy. Thank you for understanding.

How to get the most out of your reading, you will need:

The names of the people in the reading.

What questions that you have and what brought you to me.

This is the love and relationship line which means you should either be in a relationship, broke up with someone, have a crush or have a person of interest that you actually currently know.

Mediumship, past life and remote viewing can only be done on the mediumship line.

To ask questions like, "When and where will I meet my twin flame and what does the person look like?" is the type of question for the psychic medium line. There is different energy used and different ways to do pacific readings and per keen rules we have to stay within the listing you choose when contacting us. I would love to help you with the questions you have however, you will need to pick the line that best fits your questions. I do use cards for love and relationship and only use my gifts medium and remote viewing on the medium that line.

It is very important to me that my clients like and enjoy their readings. In order to receive the best possible reading from me, it is just as important that the client interacts in the reading with the me, the reader.

It does take time to connect and start a reading sometimes 2-3 minutes. If you only have enough credits for 2 or 3 minutes and you don't plan to add more money, please think about pre typing and let me know at the beginning of the reading. This means you need to ask clear and complete questions. It is just as important for the client to understand they need to meet their reader halfway and asking unclear and basic - to no questions and just throwing a statement out there could get basic and unclear answers. I only need names and questions but they must be clear. You also need to interact in reading this means that after your question is answered say if it relates or how it relates and then ask you next question. I am a good reader, however, I need the clients to understand that they have to interact in the reading. A simple whats he or she thinking and feeling right now is not a very good way to start a reading. I need energy to plug into and a little background. .

I am a Certified World Renowned Psychic Medium and just a yes or no question will not help you understand certain things going on.

I am a reader that looks at the core of problems because that's the only way to fix things or get things back on track

I am very accurate and well respected!

Feedback is very important to me and lets me and others know how much you liked your reading.

If you found me accurate 5 star rating is highly appreciated. As I do try my best to provide a accurate and honest reading. I would like to thank you for your extra time that it does take to leave feedback!

Endorsed Strengths
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  • Detailed · 12
  • Kind · 12
  • Honest · 10
  • Accurate · 9
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