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Psychic Jacque
Here to tell you the TRUTH, even if it may hurt.
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I'm a REAL psychic, all I need is a first name and your question. I only work w/ people ready for truth! Have questions ready, I’m fast & efficient. Sugarcoated fairytales keep us stuck, TRUTH sets us free!
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** I am not accepting phone calls at this time, you can request a reading via CHAT or PAID MAIL.**

Born and raised in Hawaii, the melting pot where all cultures come together to be one, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature’s magic and the Aloha spirit.

I am a fourth-generation psychic. I discovered my gifts at an early age thanks to my mother who I have inherited my gifts from, just as she did from my grandmother, and so on.

Do not be fooled by my youthful face, I’m an old soul and have helped people of all ages. While I’m new to the Keen community, I have almost 6 years of professional psychic reading experience. I have been aware of and used my gifts for most of my life- providing family, friends, and strangers I’ve come across with accurate insight and truth.

I am comfortable giving readings with or without tools. Most of my readings are done without tools as I identify as an empathic psychic medium with clairsentient + clairaudient abilities. I do, however, use tools when I feel intuitively guided to or specifically requested to do so.

I am able to communicate with the deceased, although I am not able to consistently contact the deceased on command, as it is not 100% always up to me all of the time. Think of it as, I can call them, but I can’t force them to pick up the phone if that makes sense. That goes for all psychic mediums, actually.

I look forward to meeting and connecting with you, if you decide to give me the pleasure! I will be sure to give you an amazingly honest and accurate experience, no sugar coating I promise!
Approach to Topics
Tired of being sold a “sugar coated fairytale” with no results or truth in sight? It’s time for a reading with me! I’m known to be that one psychic who may have given you an “opposite reading” or “different prediction outcome” or a more “negative reading” compared to the other several psychics you spoke with. Why is that? That’s because I read with extreme accuracy, honesty, and logic. I am realistic. I am not going to lead you on to continuously believe in a fairytale that is not for your highest good. Sugarcoated fairytales keep us stuck, and TRUTH is what actually sets us free!

My style is HONEST and DIRECT, no fluff. I prefer working with people who’s mind, heart, and spirit are ready and open to receive truth and prepared to create change in their life! I am a fast typist, so no time is wasted! I will NEVER lead anyone on to believe in a sugarcoated fantasy that is not healthy nor for your highest good! So please don’t come to me only expecting good news, sunshine, and rainbows as that is not a realistic expectation to have going into ANY psychic reading.

Please do not project your anger/frustration out on me just because you did like what you heard from me. Remember, you invest in me for HONESTY and TRUTH, and that is what I provide to you!

Please be mindful when leaving ratings for me as well as any Keen advisor on here, as we all work very hard to deliver both good and bad news on a daily basis, but all for the sake of your highest good and success! Unfortunately, those who leave any rude reviews/one star ratings are subject to possibly being blocked from further contact with me as I prefer to work with people who are receptive, realistic, and respectful :) So do be mindful before leaving a review.

Rude/sexually profane/inappropriate customers will automatically be blocked and/or reported. Keen prohibits health/medical advice, so for instance do not ask about a medical condition/question that you can easily go see a doctor about. Serious questions and inquiries only.

I prefer NOT to sugar coat, instead I will be BLUNT, but understand that you will always get the truth from me whether you ask for it or not. Even if it is the hard truth, it will always be for your highest good! I believe the best way to navigate any decision in life is to follow your intuition, and that is what we will accomplish together.
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  • Helpful · 31
  • Accurate · 29
  • Kind · 26
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