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Psychic Medium Anna
Psychic Medium Anna
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Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Author, Energy Practitioner. Anna’s reputation is echoed as one of The Best Soul Mate&Relationship Experts in her field! *26 yrs Not only answers but accuracy with real solutions!
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Anna has been a naturally gifted Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher for nearly 26 years. She talks directly to your Angels and Guides. She is uncannily accurate with names, dates, and details in her readings. She is listed #11 for 2015-2016 as The Best Metaphysical Teacher in the World. Anna is one of The Best Soul Mates &Relationship Experts in her field!

Born with the gift of sight, Anna can connect to the 'other side' as a medium. As a little girl, she recognized that she had special abilities; however, she did not fully comprehend her gifts as a psychic medium. She was unaware that she was communicating with Angels. She would have visions and receive messages for others. As the years passed, she began to have encounters with psychic phenomena. As a young adult, she offered psychic readings for friends and family during this time. This further propelled her gift and enabled her to hone her craft to become validated in her work today.
Anna is different from other psychics because, through her teachings, she gives her clients the tools to lead better life. She will teach you how to manifest your true desires with simple and effective techniques. Anna empowers you by giving accurate psychic readings, including names, dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and spiritual path. Her healing is done through loving Universal Energy. God has given you the incredible gifts she wants to share to help you be happy in life.
Today, Anna is doing her life's work and true calling - attracting wonderful people into her life. She manifested a loving, happy marriage, financial success, and true inner peace. She wants you to be as happy and fulfilled as she is in her life. Read her message about fulfilling your dreams through God's love that resides within you.
Approach to Topics
What makes her different from other spiritual teachers is that she uses her gifts to empower her clients. Sessions with Anna will teach you how to simply and effectively manifest your true desires. Anna guides you by giving spiritually psychic readings including names, dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and spiritual path. Her healing is done through loving Universal Energy. God has given her great gifts to help you with finding your true balance.

*Please note that Angels do not like speaker calls and its best to use headphones or direct phone contact.*

Disclaimer: Remember, a true intuitive mentor will tell you things that can only be proven over time; you may not understand how your session will manifest, so keep an open mind. As the art of Metaphysics is beyond the proof of science, each client agrees to seek out such advice of their own volition, with the specific awareness that no guarantees exist regarding information gained via intuitive mentor means. All we can say is that Anna’s clients can attest to her incredible accuracy via their personal testimonials. Your destiny truly lies on you. This session is for guidance purposes only!
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