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Psychic Medium Michelle
Psychic Medium Michelle
Answering your love and relationship questions
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Accurate, ethical, honest.
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As a second-generation psychic medium, Mishelle was raised in a family that encouraged the exploration of the mind. Her mother was a healer and gave psychic readings, but she also had a degree in psychology and worked in counseling. So, from an early age she was encouraged to explore and connect with her inner self. Daily meditation was considered important and tuning into a higher sense of spirituality felt safe. After receiving her first psychic reading at the age of nine, she developed a voracious appetite for the metaphysical and she was moved by how accurate the reading was ... she wanted to know more.


About Sessions

Are you desiring a bird's eye view of what's ahead with love and relationships? Are your ready for an honest, detailed and intimate look at your life's story? Eager to gain a deeper understanding of where you've been and/or where you're going? We'll delve into this and much more.

Are you excited to learn about the potential that lies ahead? Great! You'll receive guidance and insight regarding your past, present and future. That said, these sessions are not fortune telling, rather, they are filled with highly intuitive and clairvoyant messages of guidance to assist you.

Do you desire facts, details and specific information regarding an aspect of your life? We'll get specifics for you.

Following a session, you may find yourself saying "Yes, I knew that." This is because you did know it, and I am is merely the vehicle to bring this forward to serve as validation with regard to your own higher knowing.

We'll look at your soul purpose, soul mates and relationships past, present and future. Where you are today is much different than where you were 5 years ago, so your purpose/calling may have changed for you. We can tap into what's presenting in this regard.

Obstacles, confusion or feeling stuck in your relationships? A session will glean insight into solutions to pending issues and choices in life.

Are you repeating unhealthy patterns with your partner and in love? In this cared-for space we can get to the core of this.

Are you wondering, "What are my best next steps?" This is, in fact, one of the most powerful aspects of a session with me and we'll consider it with great care.

If you're asking these questions or others about your relationship let's get your questions answered today.


• Speaker, at global wellness and spirituality summits
• Featured as cover story for various international spirituality magazines
• Tested as accurate, honest and legitimate
• Appearance at radio shows alongside some of the world's greatest teachers in spirituality, health, and wellness
• Voted "A most trusted psychic medium worldwide."
• Author and contributing writer to several spirituality publications
• Author of an award-winning psychic development book
• Host of a psychic development podcast
• Certified life coach
• Certified relationship coach
Approach to Topics
My sessions will provide you with detailed facts and guidance in a straight forward, compassionate, yet inspirational way. A gracious, caring approach is essential to a spirit-guide. I will tap into powerful energies and offer insights that are life-changing. My ultimate purpose is the realization of your full potential.

My style is quick, direct, compassionate and inspirational. You'll receive the truth regarding what is shown. I work quickly. Meaning, images present rather swiftly in sessions. Please consider taking notes. Be sure to come into session with your questions ready.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 60
  • Kind · 60
  • Detailed · 58
  • Honest · 56
  • Accurate · 53
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