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I am an Intuitive Psychic empath specializing in helping you manifest the life you want! I provide honest guidance for your highest & greatest good. I will tell you what you NEED to hear, what not what you want to hear!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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I am a certified psychic who has been doing professional readings since 2004. I am a 3rd generation natural born psychic, and feel the most fulfilled when I am doing readings, healing, and energy sessions. My services include intuitive readings, chakra balancing, reiki sessions, and energy protection.

More about me~

I love to help people and do healing work together, so I can't wait to get started with you! Let me tell you a little more about myself and my history working with intuition, attuning to the ethereal realm, and as a professional psychic for many years.

My name is Amanda, and I have resided in Minnesota my whole life! I have been a psychic, a medium and an energy healer since I was a small child. As a child, I was often told that my gifts were in my head -or even worse, that I'd be locked up for being crazy- and I began to shut them out. For many years following, I rarely used them. Fortunately, their roots in me were too strong to ignore forever. I was drawn back to them, and as soon as I was able to remove the blockages of everything that I was told that had held me back from using my gifts, speaking my truth, and helping other people reach their potential, my own gifts started re-emerging and blossoming rapidly!

All of those years of self-doubt, and being told that I wasn’t going to amount to anything, were completely lifted away. I have been practicing psychic readings, energy healings, spiritual life coaching, and teaching empaths how to shield themselves ever since. I've been expanding my career in this field since 2006! It's easy, for me, because it's what comes most naturally to me. It is who I am and what I'm here to do. I am here to intuitively guide those who would like their questions answered psychically. I am here to facilitate energy clearings, healings, and shielding to help you experience great growth from old (or current) traumas and energy blockages. I am here to help others also tap into their divine purpose and life path.

If you have ever been made to feel like using your gifts and speaking your own truth is wrong, or like you wouldn’t be successful paving the path that feels truest to you -if you want help manifesting your own gifts- please contact me for a personal, 1 on 1 coaching session to help remove any blockages and get you living the life that you DESERVE! I am also available for PSYCHIC readings, mediumship, personal manifestation & life coaching, and ENERGY healing. Please explore my "All Services" page to learn more about the many modalities I provide. And see my "Reviews" page to learn what thousands of happy clients have to say about me.

When looking for a spiritual wellness practitioner (whether this is a psychic, a medium, a healer, a life coach, a counselor, etc.) you want someone who is honest, fills you with compassion, gives you clarity, is accurate, LISTENS, and who does not waste your time. How many times have you been to a psychic where half of your paid time is used waiting for the psychic advisor to connect to the situation, followed by being asked more questions... seemingly, just to prolong the clock running? With me, initial consultations are ALWAYS free, so I can know what I will be working with, and you can know what you can expect from me before you choose to buy a reading or healing session. When we begin, I get right to the heart of things. In each session you will get my FULL and complete undivided attention and INTENTION so I can give you the most amazing reading, healing, or other wellness experience that you have had! You deserve your best life and happiest sense of self. I'm here to help.

Welcome to a better, brighter, and more fulfilled YOU!
Approach to Topics
I have a laid back and straight forward approach to all of my readings. I will never sugar coat anything to make you feel better, or to tell you what you want to hear. I feel every client needs the straight to honest truth, whilist feeling like they are talking to a beloved friend.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Kind · 12
  • Detailed · 11
  • Helpful · 10
  • Honest · 10
  • Accurate · 9
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