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Anointed Prophetic Oracle & Angelic Medium; I WILL reveal what everyone else fears 2 say; Supernatural visions, prophecies, answers in the Shekinah Holy Spirit, No Time Wasted! 10min single paid chat=FREE Mins!
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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I was born with this gift. It all began when I was 7 years old, when a very intense shocking drowning experience happened to me while in a pool. I was under water for nearly 8 seconds and then a pure white gold fire over took Me and an Angel appeared to Me. And yes I hail from South England, living in America :)
I took their hand to come up and as I did, I saw various realms and the glory of Father God and His Only Son sitting at His right hand. I felt My soul leave my body and was filled with this divine humility and power to serve those in need. Ever since the age of 15yrs old, Ive been providing readings, shamanic healing and prophetic channeled revelations; now pushing 26 yrs of doing it!

The Shekinah Holy Spirit hears Me and allows Me to communicate with Seraphim Angels, Archangels, various Angels. I remotely view, hear, feel and can shift in spirit to various realms and dimensions to provide the real divine guidance you seek. With these supernatural gifts;I can see, deliver and receive specific messages, guidance and more about any situation. I am just that; His prophet and oracle. I specialize in twin souls, soulmates and twin soul runners. As a natural Shamanic Healer, I also have a unique way of traveling into the spirit realms to align those who are meant to be together and to interpret what you and their higher soul selves are saying.
I do not do legal or medical readings, and I do not do pregnancy; however I can tell You if You will have children. And lately, I've been pretty good about Social Media profile energies!! I do not replace the guidance of a medical or legal professional. I am sure to always keep compassion mercy and love of God in all my sessions so anything else goes.
One thing that I DO NOT do, is harsh preach and I do not condemn.
All walks of faith and life are welcomed.. God loves everybody, and so do I.
And Im a different kind of Medium, per the Word of God, I cannot and DO NOT channel the dead, however I can relay messages from specific Angels if it is Gods will. I do this in Jesus name for His glory and for Your peace and for divine truth.

Wanna do Email Readings to fit Your budget? Order a 1-4 Question Email Reading for $45 or a 5- 8 Question Email Reading for $60 Just put "Email Reading" in the subject line, no bdys are needed, and please keep your questions as brief and to the point as possible. Completed in 24hrs. Just submit first names, questions that are to the point and brief as possible. (No need for a backstory, well.. it's optional!)

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. --John 3:16

"I Am the Way, the Truth And The Life. No one can come unto The Father buy by Me." -John 14:6

("Get used to different" -The Chosen)
Approach to Topics
Hi, My name is Sage (Im a Lady, just to clarify that!) The Shekinah Holy Spirit guides Me and allows Me to communicate with Seraphim Angels, Archangels, various Angels Heavens. I remotely view, hear, feel and can shift in spirit to various realms and dimensions to provide the real divine guidance you seek. In complete mercy, grace and pure love. I ONLY work in the Spirit Of Father God through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

I do not waste anytime nor pass any judgement.
High Ascended Messages, Intensive Quality, of the Highest Good. Only the power of God reveals all things including what people truly feel in their hearts and minds. And I can type quick too! I am naturally intense and My Fire is who I am, however, when I feel you, I either hurt with you or be happy with You.

Due to Keen's policy I DO NOT and CANNOT provide pregnancy readings nor medical or legal readings. :)

Single paid chat of 10 paid mins or more gets You free mins! (Not valid for existing free minutes and not for discount rate sales, and its at MY discretion. Always subject to change).

"Get used to different" -The Chosen
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