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Puppy Joy
Puppy Joy
Caring,Compassion,Detail,Names, Dates,TRUTH
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I read names, dates, details, time frames, thoughts, intentions, feelings.I can see, hear, feel,thoughts, details, and time frames of yourself/loved ones. Quick, no double talk. Kind, soothing.voice.
When looking for a reader, you want honesty, clarity, accuracy, no double talk, quick paced, no games, no up sells, a fair price, and details, details, details.

You also never want a reader who puts you on hold, delays, stalls, or sends you mass follow up emails that could apply to anyone. You want real answers. I connect to your lovers thoughts,heart, mind, and intentions, without putting you on hold for a long time.I provide all the positive things mentioned above, and have for over 30 years. Please try me if that is what you truly seek. No fancy slogans here, no exaggerated experience, no fancy web pages, just details, details, details with experience with accuracy.

Let me help you make your best decisions in life by showing you all your paths, and all your obstacles and open doors. I will not make your decisions for you, or tell you what to do. I will show you the paths, so you can make a better informed decision. I give you what I am told to give to you, whether good or bad, it is delivered with kindness.

My background is a lifetime of accurately and kindly helping thousands upon thousands of people with a reading style that is quick, detailed, to the point, very kind and caring, with no fillers or double talk.

Must be at least 18 years of age to use Keen. This reading is not a substitute for any legal or medical advice you may get from a licensed professional. I do not read on health, investments, lottery, or legal.
Approach to Topics

Every reading I give is individual and specific to you. This is the love and relationship reading that you need to be your most informed and most fulfilled in your relationship.

Spirit gives me names, dates, and details. I am spirit's messenger, and can tell you nothing more nor less. I give you their information quickly, detailed, and exact without personal interpretation.

I'm never judgemental, and I will never tell you what to do or offer personal advice. I simply show you what is coming and you decide. I will show you all paths, all open and closed doors. I give you all the information needed so that you can make your own and best decision. You want your love life happy, and deeply full filling.

In my reading I will give you names, initials, characteristics, descriptions, emotions, thoughts, and feelings, when they are given to me. This is a deeper reading then the usual question of when will he call.

This is your journey of your soul.

Are you feeling held back as if you cant move forward? Do you feel stuck in one spot or stuck in neutral? Are you bound by love for someone who doesn't return your love? Do you feel indecisive and unsure which way to turn? Do you have trouble setting boundaries, achieving goals? Do you long for a better, deeper or more full filled relationship? Do you dream of a new person coming? Are you stuck in an unhappy, lonely or abusive relationship and unable to break those controlling chains? Are you stuck waiting for an ex to return? Will they return and will ti truly make you happy?

I can help you with all of that in your reading. This does more than answer your questions, this helps set you on the right path. Be ready for truth. Truth and clarity can be very up there in your face, and very mind opening, with no sugar coating, but isn't that what you truly want?

Please do not call with the common question of, when will he call? This is deeper than that. Ask me if he is the right one for you and will truly make you happy.

Do you want to have deeper answers? Rather than asking me "is this person going to call me", ask me "is this person right for me and the best for my life path". After all, one phone call from your love interest gives you a few minutes of joy, knowing if they are right for your path, can give a lifetime of joy and contentment, and growth.

I give free minutes after every paid call that was at least 20 minutes long.
I follow every 20 minute paid call, with an email follow up.

I am an interpreter and call only tell you what spirit wants you to know. Not everything is always shown.

Please no games. This is for serious callers. Serious callers only please. If you hear from me that your ex is not coming back, and why, and whom they are with, and what your new path is, then please do not be upset with me, because you didn't hear what you wanted to. I deal in truth, to help you be better informed to achieve your goals.

For your value, I answer keen emails if you write with questions. I give minutes after calls.
I often lower the rate for repeat callers. (at my discretion)

You deserve to do something nice for yourself. Please call me and allow me to help you, and to connect into your love interests mind and heart. Allow me to see who else may be coming.


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