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"if it's to be - it's up to me. Choice is the greatest gift and burden.
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I have always had a sense of knowing as a child. I am trained and certified as a Tarot reader, as well as licensed and certified as a life skills coach. I obtained a BS in traditional Psychology, as well as an advanced degree in Transpersonal Psychology - Atlantic University, founded by Edgar Cayce. Combination of the above modalities, help me to guide clients to make and own the gift and burden of choice. My work is spiritually centered and mindfully focused; and I hope that it will help clients achieve their highest human potential.
Approach to Topics
I believe that my educational background, combined with my natural ability, make me uniquely positioned to help all those who seek guidance.

I am very literal and probing in my sessions. This means, I ask the exact question that is posed. It is important that you know your question, and be mindfully focused on your concerns. I seek to identify what stands in the way of success; and find ways to help you overcome those obstacles. It is also important to write notes. I am not able to repeat sessions as they pertain to the energy that you bring at the time of your session. Bear in mind that the only thing that is 'constant ' is change.

I value everyone who takes the time to visit with me. I hope you gain insight that will allow you to make important decisions for your life. My approach is based on the idea that our basic nature is spiritual. I strive to integrate concepts and theories of the body, mind, spirit connection; using an approach that is is direct and not scripted. I will work with my clients as long as they allow me on the journey of helping them to sort out their lives. I feel lucky to have such an opportunity!

Please Note: You must be at least 18 years old and understand that the freedom of choice, carries the tremendous burden to choose and make your own decisions. The advice or guidance you receive is not a substitute for professional advice that you would normally receive from a licensed professional, which include doctor, psychologist, lawyer or financial consultant.
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
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