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At a very young age I started to realize I was different than those around me. I could feel things empathically. I would know things before they happened. For many years I didn't share this with anyone. Now I am happy to help others understand what is going on around them. During my childhood I realized I had the ability to sense the emotions and feelings of others. Now, years later I am able to share my gifts here on Keen. I encourage, empower, and motivate others to use their intuition. I truly enjoy helping others and seeing them raise their vibration.
Approach to Topics
I will ask for your first name. If the question involves another person their first name and the last time the two of you spent time together? I use my empathic skills to sense the emotions of everyone involved.Emotions have significant impact on behaviors and thoughts. Next, I will use my clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient skills to answer the questions.
I use integrity and humor in my approach. My main focus is to assist others along their journey and to help make sense as to why things are a certain way in their lives. I make NO guarantees on timing and numbers, yet I will do my best.

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