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Samantha Wild
Samantha Wild
Repeat callers only! New callers...please read.
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REPEAT CALLERS ONLY. If a New Caller please read entire page to see how to contact me.
*THIS LISTING IF FOR REPEAT CALLERS ONLY * If you are not a repeat caller and would like a reading - please read this ENTIRE Page.
I have been working with my gifts for over 45 years. I've worked with Tarot, Astrology, Numerology , and I absolutely love the i-ching. Seems that every path I take leads me back here - to read for those who are are opened to new possibilities. If you believe that all is fated and a good psychic should know each and every decision you are about to make , then boy oh boy I am so not for you! I can only show you the paths before you and the ones you are most likely to take. If you don't like that path, then by all means , take different one. I take only my regular repeat callers on this listing, but if you've been around Keen for at least a full 4 months and I am new to you, please pm me for a couple of minutes . If less than 4 months, or you have recently changed your username, please try me at a later date.
Approach to Topics
I am a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient EMPATH who can help you process your present reality. I rarely use tools but on occasion I may pull a card or two. Viewing through the heart and mind of the person you are focused on I can reveal their deepest level of feelings and motivations.
I will describe your chemistry at present and what its potential is , including its strengths and weaknesses. I will describe where your PRESENT PATH is TAKING YOU and can lay out alternative choices and the outcomes that lay before you.
From there you can decide what you want and which of the paths you will walk upon.
Now.., if you think the outcome of all relationships are destined or fated regardless of what choices you make,
then you should not contact me. Although I believe that specific events are destined to occur ( set in stone) , I hold firmly to the doctrine of free will. Could you imagine what life would be like if God gave us the ability to see our future with 100% accuracy to allow us to "delete" the experience of the unexpected? Can you imagine what life would be like without learning curves? With all risk removed , life would be agonizingly boring - Hell on Earth. So please do not expect 100% accuracy from me - it does not exist.
I DO NOT DO TIMING or MAGIC 8 BALL YES/NO QUESTIONS. I am best with relationships. You can read my blog to see why. I ask that you do not contact me unless you have read this entire page.

I DO NOT TAKE NEW CALLERS ON THIS LISTING. If you are new caller and would like a reading, Please read above to see how. Blessings Samantha
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