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I am one of the few that can sense not only how you feel, but the vibrations and intentions of those that have attached their energies to you.
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While giving birth to my eldest daughter I had a reaction to a medicine which made my heart stop and I was considered to be deceased. During this time I was above my body able to see what was happening and I became one with the light. I was brought back using medical science. Since this experience my life has not been the same. I am able to see colors surrounding people, I can tell their thoughts, I can see their vibrations. I have decided to use these gifts to help others better themselves by seeing the true intentions of those they are connected with to promote healing, abundance, and living the best life possible.
Approach to Topics
I use my emphatic nature and third eye abilities to sense the vibrations people unknowingly send to the universe. I am one of the few that can sense not only how you feel, but the vibrations and intentions of those that have attached their energies to you. This is how I use my abilities to give advice on relationships, love, family matters, or any questions you have about other people in your life. When we both focus together anything can be answered accurately and you will be able to decipher other peoples true intentions.

Are you wondering if:

Your partner loves you
Your crush has honest intentions
Has someone cheated
Is my love going to leave their spouse/partner
Am I in the right field of study
Has my soul met this person before
What does the Universe want me to know about my love life
How can I be at peace with my situation

I am the person that can get an intimate clear knowledge of things, and grabs insights that escape the normal thought process. I will never judge you for your situation. You can always be upfront and honest with me, as I will be upfront and honest with you.

I am a Virgo, a true intuitive, and I am looking forward to meeting you and guiding you to your true life path and higher self.
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