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~I encourage you to read my BIO before pressing chat~ If you want an ACCURATE reading, I cannot do this in 3 mins. I need 10 mins to tune into any situation if you want a CORRECT answer! Other keen readers read from me!
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*Small note*
Please don't press chat with me (as a first time client) unless you have at least 7-10 minutes to speak to me. Why do I ask this?

As a spiritual psychic seer, I look BEYOND the veil and give you DETAILS. (See my feedback) However, I cannot give you an answer to a question within 3 minutes as well as tuning into your energy, taking your name and question and MOST importantly, asking my guides for answers to give you with ACCURACY. Being rushed is never ideal.... particularly for a psychic! Thank you in advance for your understanding! xx

About me~
As an Australian 3rd generation psychic, I’ve had clairvoyant abilities since I was a little girl. These days I specialise in relationships, commitment, infidelity, soulmates, twin-flames and karmic ties and of course I am LGBT friendly. I'm also a spiritual channel who can look more intensely into your life/sprit path. I love this kind of work!
I can also look at other matters such as career, finances etc but cannot answer medical/pregnancy questions- This is keen policy.
My grandmother is an intuitive as is my mother.

Like others with these special gifts I was apprehensive of using them until around 25 years ago. I viewed the world in a way that I assumed everyone else did. I could see intentions behind people's eyes, knew instantly when someone was not telling the truth just from their energy, could see flashes of future incidents and felt the emotions of people around me to such a degree it was overwhelming! My first vivid premonition experience was when I was around 8 years old with my mother. We were driving home and I saw clearly in my head a green car crashing into a white car. I told my mum this who looked at me confused. 5 minutes later, it happened.

After many readings with friends and strangers it was obvious my gifts needed to be shared so over time, I learnt how to integrate these gifts through spending time with like minded people, courses, retreats, training, deep meditation and working professionally as an psychic/empath.
I'm currently studying Shamanism with one of Australia's most well known and respected Shaman's. I can't WAIT to share this knowledge too once I have completed my training!

I don't rely on any cards or tools for your reading. I don't need your date of birth- the most very important thing for me is the first few minutes, connecting into your energy. For this, I will need your first name (and any others you are asking about). I may also ask you the last contact time of a person you are enquiring about to establish my connection. This is why I have mentioned at the top of my page how important those first few minutes after in establishing a connection with you.
I've been working on keen now since 2013 but have been giving readings for the past 21 years!

I am trained in EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is a wonderful modality to release trapped emotions and unhelpful beliefs. I have led EFT sessions via keen chat successfully for several clients and LOVE this work!
I'm also a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher. Reiki is a beautiful way to relax one's energy and can be sent by distance to anyone in the world! I have sent thousands of clients Reiki over the years to which they have received and told me they have felt great peace and benefit from.
I offer FREE distant Reiki to any client who has had a paid chat with me. All you need do is ask :) I love learning and believe that in any line of work, even psychic work, there is always more to be gained, learned and fine tuned. I aim to be the very best that I can be and hope you can provide me with the deep respect I feel for you when you choose me as your reader!

I pride myself in honesty, accuracy, and kindness, but most of all, I am passionate about helping and guiding people change their lives for the better. See the feedback, it’s all there.
Approach to Topics
Small note~ I do NOT do 'general' readings. To get the most out of my gifts, your guides, questions and your time, the best way to have a successful and ACCURATE reading in my 21 years of experience is through asking me specific questions that are pertinent to your current concerns. Also, please don't do the 'test the psychic' game! I will pick that up easily and it taints the energy and I won't be able to do your reading for you~

My approach is gentle and loving and I am passionate about what I do. I read using a 'holistic' approach and quickly get to the truth of your inquiry and not just yes and no answers.
I provide a lot of information and type a lot. You will find yourself re-reading our chat transcripts later.
I am passionate about helping all people from all areas of the world from love, to career and your life purpose! I never judge or tell you something I don’t see, simply to make you feel better. You deserve the truth and I will share it with kindness and support.
Connecting over the long term with my clients is important for me to see growth and healing. Most of my clients have been reading with me for over 5 years! I love and cherish these connections.

I always remember conversations and feel connected. I follow up with emails as soon as I am able to, but am unable to offer paid email readings as I need to feel your energy live for accuracy.
I often send free minutes to regular clients as thank you's and also am happy to help people out who read with me regularly with a few minutes here and there when budget is tight! (just please don't take advantage of my generosity)!

I feel truly blessed to have been born with this gift to bring the best out in YOU. Please review your transcripts over time, they’ll comfort you and are are extremely accurate as things sometimes 'happen' when we least expect it!

Before hitting 'chat', take a few deep breaths, relax your mind and centre yourself. The more relaxed you are before we connect, the more accurate and joyful our connection will be :)
Wishing you a blessed day xxx
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