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What does your romantic future hold in store for you? I specialize only in romantic love and romance readings.

Tarot cards have been used throughout the ages to reveal the mysteries of our futures, especially when it comes to love and romance. During your tarot reading, I will tell you exactly what I see. Unfortunately, this isn't always what we wish for. I specialize in the present time and immediate upcoming future. A love reading will often reveal a lot about what's going on behind-the-scenes, including where his/her focus lies in the present time. The best readings are with clients who are "open" and connected to the spiritual world. If you are closed off, your energy will be too.

Psychic connections are not instantaneous, which is why most in-person readings are at least thirty minutes. If you are impatient, it will only block the flow of energy and make creating a connection harder or sometimes impossible. Please allow at least five minutes for your reading for one or two questions, longer if you have more. I do ask for birthdays when I do readings. A very brief background (what brings you to me today) on your romantic involvement helps me to select the best spread to use for your reading. This saves both of us time and allows me to receive messages from Spirit regarding your specific situation a lot quicker.

Schedule and Availability:
I am on daily from 5 to 9 PM Eastern time.
Please note, I don't use Ping or Mail at all. Pings/mail aren't viewed or responded to.

Approach to Topics
The following is examples of the best ways to phrase your questions to get the most information out of your psychic reading:

My boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband ended our relationship. Are there any steps can I take to get this relationship back? (Instead of 'Will my ex come back?' or 'Is he my soulmate?')

I really like this man/woman. We've been talking for a while, but he/she is not asking for commitment or has told me he/she doesn't want commitment. Is there anything I can do to change this outcome? (Instead of 'How does he/she feel?')

The man/woman I'm interested in has been talking to/seeing other people. Is this headed towards commitment or will it remain a casual romance? (Instead of 'Is he cheating on me?')

My ex and I split up, are taking a break, or are separated. He/she has been talking to other people/gotten involved with someone else. Will he/she come back? (Instead of 'Is he/she cheating on me?')

Are there any steps I can take to turn my friendship or work relationship with a coworker into something romantic? (Instead of 'How does he/she feel?' or 'Does he/she like me?')

The man/woman I liked told me that they feel we should just be friends. What steps do I need to take to move on or heal my romantic life? Will time change his mind? (Instead of 'How does he/she feel?' or 'Does he/she like me?' or 'Should I wait?' or 'Is he/she cheating on me?') *If this person is coming back, the reading will show us.*

Are there any steps can I take to heal my broken relationship/marriage in order for my ex (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband) to come back? (Instead of 'Will he come back?' or 'How does he feel?')

Love tarot card readings. I read for present time and upcoming future but not distant future, so please tailor your questions accordingly. No general readings. I don't do soulmate or twin flame readings. Instead, I read for the actions and/or intentions that are happening or about to happen in regards to your romantic life.

18 and over only.
For entertainment only.
I specialize only in love readings.
I do not do readings on or answer questions regarding:
Career (unless the reading shows me a message that needs to be shared with you in this area of your life)
Medical or health-related conditions, including mental health conditions, physical health conditions, or any pregnancy-related questions.
Legal proceedings or outcomes
Investments, lotteries, securities, etc, or business/financial advice.
Death or readings regarding those who are deceased.

If you have questions regarding the above, please seek out the proper professionals in your local area.

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