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Anxious, Uncertain?- Find calm, feel empowered -Clear, Kind, Real Insights- -Life can come at us fast, sometimes we just feel hurt, alone, frustrated- --I see them clearly- I can offer you understanding, clarity, acceptance
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I truly want you to not wait in false hopes
My wish, for you, is that you find and know inner joy. It always sustains.

Allow space and time for your questions- I work fast, but need the space
I lift you up, wherever you are- I support you

Please be honest about what you seek, as well as open.
Be active, not passive.
I care, DEEPLY. I never want you to hurt or remain in a place of pain.

Readings are not about *when*.
Live your life, Lovelies!
( *It's natural to want to know "when"- I hear you!)

Reading people is my business- and I am great at it.
No crazy promises that I know, see all, or know when- I am not in the business of *when*- I am in the business of *why*, *how*, *if*- and helping you find what you're looking for.

I don't have any magic ways or solutions; no promises of seeing, knowing it all.

I am intuitive, kind, empathetic- and can help you along your path; of seeing your best you.

**I don't focus on WHEN- let it go-it hinders- Intuitive readings/readers are not predictive- (but of course, we all like to know, "when"! :-) )

I have real, kind, valuable insights that can help you break the patterns you've been stuck in. These are not rooted in "when"-My readings do not offer future timing; it is not the purpose of an intuitive and truly, I do not believe anyone can accurately tell you this. (I respect those who seek it, it is human, of course! And those who choose who to provide it)

I can teach you how to love yourself and find the most essential thing- INNER JOY.

Further, I can help you seek out healthy love and stop patterns that are harmful to your soul, your heart, your mind. I can be truthful with you when I see a connection is destructive or not going in the direction you ultimately desire. I can l listen and offer kindness, empathy, when you need that. I can offer radical kindness and uplifting, anytime you need that.

I offer no wild claims to predict down to the day or know someone's every step, I am not here as future, "when" predictor.

Claim your Higher Love; Find your Inner Joy (unrelated to love, anyone else).
Be incredibly you, incredibly happy. Stop living on false promises of three weeks from now, nine months, two years past September...

Let's fine-tune your senses, so you can invest in those you are investing in and show they are actively on the same path.

You deserve the love you want. Know this and believe it.

I believe in your best path, in your best love, in your best future.
I care about your hurts and I want to you have inner joy, even if that means I am not telling you things that make you immediately happy and you dislike me for it now.

Tired of the same 'ole same 'ole and feeling like you've been hit by a bus because of it?

Tired of meet, wait, hope, same?

Meet and date like a boss. Stop with nonsense platitudes.
You are amazing and yes, can find someone. There is no one who can see some magic future for you; there are ways to sense and know people. Let's intuit it together. You deserve more, better.

I can quickly understand your situation, meet you where you are in it, help you verbalize and sort through complicated and difficult emotions and feelings that have been sitting heavy on your mind and heart.

My insights are honest but caring; I hope you feel the empathy and care I have for the difficult situations you are experiencing and range of emotions that come with them.

I work best with specific people and their outcomes with you. I usually do not offer general love readings/future love readings, I find these become too unfocused and disappointing. Please have a specific person in mind, either from your past or present, that you're curious about/interested in for a love/relationship/romance reading (how much or little you know them is not so much the issue- just that it is a specific person to focus on, please :-) ) --Many thanks in advance :-)
Approach to Topics
You are NOT entitled to certain answers, regardless how you feel-
UNDERSTAND- readings are not predictive- they are guidance-
FEEEEELINGS are not facts- I want amazings things for you
I hold space for you
I am NOT here to be right/wrong
YOU choose your path(s)- NOT me

I take a warm-hearted, insightful and always honest approach, sharing exactly what I see regarding your situation, past, present and future, giving you clear, concise details and feedback so you can make choices for your life that will help you feel empowered and in control.

We can work together to find the answers you seek about any area of your life, restoring your sense of balance and personal control.

Please never feel a more candid or direct answer is meant to in a hostile way toward way toward you (the client). It is either to sum up a person's energy we are discussing or drive home a point about them- but never to inflict harm or harshness toward a client-- who is often going through heck and back trying to unravel and understand their person of interest as it is. I usually try to pad and explain this- especially if I know I just delivered a statement in a very direct way-- but if ever you feel this, please let me know-- I know many of my clients struggle with anxiety, fears of rejection, lost sense of self, difficulties in even finding their own voice- and I never want to make a client feel as if an inappropriate tone is being used toward or at them.
I hope, even with the advent of bad news, we an conclude sessions with something positive to focus on-- I know not all days are happy, but surely we can derive something positive out of the negative- and look toward brighter steps ahead--
I hope every client I meet is left with a better sense of self-worth, of knowing they have invaluable intrinsic worth-- and can set their own path ablaze- that they each see how unique and valued and wonderful they are--and find the right people to surround themselves in live to compliment them and lift them up.

Brightest Blessings to you all-
Siobhan xxx :-)
Endorsed Strengths
  • Kind · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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