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Hello! My name is Skyfae and I WELCOME YOU! I am a reader of cards and of the Divine messages all around us.
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I am loyal. I am honest, and always up for a laugh. I am a Wiccan High Priestess and have a passion for interfaith work. I am deeply romantic under a very crunchy armored exterior of dry humor and sarcasm.

I am all these things and probably more. I am kind of kinky, a switch (if you don’t know what that means I’m not your educator, pick up a book or the keyboard).

I have gone out and been an extroverted introvert, and that takes a lot of energy and sometimes I miss it terribly. The pandemic has kind of been relaxing for me because I do not have to mask what is going on. Speaking of masks, I became a non-smoker in February of 2021 and can speak to my experience of becoming a nonsmoker.

I look forward to slow hikes in the woods as the temperature settles into my favorite time of year Autumn. When it's safe to do so I cannot wait to hit a Karaoke bar, drink rum and shoot pool in between songs.

In the meantime, I'm full of audiobooks, crocheting, and other various crafts. I watch TV shows on repeat because I like to break down what societal norms are, if they're healthy or unhealthy, what is the subtext I never saw before kind of thing.

Watch Friends again as an adult - Ross is a terrible human.

Some day I want to be in D&D in person again, or other such tabletop RP game. In the interim, I replay some Dragon Age as well as Borderlands and Fallout games in my off time. Overall my life is pretty awesome, and I have a wonderful group of friends and family.

I look forward to offering insight as you need it. Remember, I am a tarot reader, I am not a substitute for counseling or other medical professional help. Please always be holistic in your approach to healing.

Approach to Topics
We all face challenges, we all hit low spots and high curves in life. Using my connection to the Universe, to Deity, and the tool of Tarot I can help you create an understanding with your spirit.

This can help guide you forward. I am your map, but not your driver, YOU are the architect of your reality, let me show you how to pick up that pen.
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