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Skilled multigenerational psychic that can give you fast answers to all of your pressing questions - Also skilled in cutting toxic cords to people - to eliminate negativity that may keep you from moving forward in life.
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Women’s Issues
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Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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I have been a psychic empath since birth - I use my empath skill, my gut instinct, and my spirit guides to give you the kindness and most accurate/truthful reading. I have been using my psychic talents for 20 years and have a 95% proven accuracy rating. I am also very fast and can tune into you with lightening speed, to get you the most accurate answers you need.

My skill also lies in cutting cord attachments to people - be it lovers, ex's, family members, and also people who have passed. If you do not cut a cord to someone who is toxic, or who you want to move away from, it will impact your moving on to bigger and better things - SO very important to keep your auric field clear!
Approach to Topics
All I need from you is your first name, and the first names of all the people in question that you would like to know about. I ask you to focus away, or not to think about the subject in question, as it makes the reading more accurate, as I will not be feeling your feelings about it, but will hone into what is there and is true. For cord cutting, all I need is their first name, and it will take only a minute to cut the cord - you will feel an immediate lift in your spirit and your energy will change for the better! You will be able to move on with a clean slate, and no more heaviness in your auric field.
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