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Sol Siren
Sol Siren
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Namaste~ I Am Your Healing Coach, Siren. I work w/clients who are seeking emotional SUPPORT & spiritual CLARITY. Together we journey through love & relationships, self rebirth + inner healing. *Please Read New Services Below*
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Warm Greetings Beloveds,

I Am Your Empowerment & Healing Coach, Siren. You Are Welcomed With Love.

🔺️Before Calling Please Read Below🔻

My sessions are designed to offer Spiritual Healing Guidance + Emotional Support, NOT predictions.

I Will help you use your history to HEAL your future.

I WILL help provide clarity and emotional SUPPORT.

I will REVEAL to you BLOCKAGES and PATTERNS that are holding you back from living your best life.

I will HELP you understand why things are unfolding from a SPIRITUAL perspective.

I WILL provide WISDOM and STRATEGIES to SELF love, SELF heal and connect in relationships to others in a HEALTHY way.


Thus YOUR healing journey and personal belief & COMMITMENT to it AFTER our phone call will NATURALLY "reveal" your future.

🔺️My energy cards are used as healing tools, not predictors.🔻

I will NOT predict the outcome of your relationship. I do not know if he/she will call you or when. I'm not sure if you will get the job. I can't tell you when you will meet "The One".
I Am here to help you self heal, grow and embrace your blessings!

⚪May God's Grandest Will Be Done⚪

May Thee Most High Flourish Within You!
You are Loved.

SirenXO 💋

☎️Please Click "Call Now" or "ARRANGE CALL" For An Empowerment Session Today!

💎 What EXACTLY Can I Offer You? 💎

I am an Emotional SUPPORT Advisor.

Because I Love You, I Will NOT Predict Your Future, Instead I Will Help You CREATE It...!

I love working one on one with clients who are seeking deep SOULFUL healing, GUIDANCE, CLARITY, EMPOWERMENT and spiritual ADVICE.
I welcome those who are truly READY to TRANSCEND old thinking patterns, CONQUER self doubt & RISE fully into their birthrite DIVINITY to align with the BLESSINGS the Universe has to offer!

TOGETHER we NAVIGATE through INNER HEALING, self RE-DISCOVERY, spiritual AWAKENING and love & RELATIONSHIPS ....especially challenging, non-traditional SOULMATE connections.

I earned a degree in METAPHYSICAL Science thus some of the METHODS I practice include Intuitive CHANNELING, TAROT Guidance,
Spiritual COUNSELING, PRAYER Affirmations and INNER child REBIRTH & Healing.

The GOAL during our session-time together, is to REALIGN our ENERGY, thoughts, beliefs, PERCEPTIONS, actions and SHIFT so that we are operating and manifesting from our INTERNAL WELLNESS as much as possible, and divinely LEARNING from our wounds.


✴(Each individual’s RESULTS AFTER our CALL is dependent on how much work s/he puts into their OWN HEALING Process and *GOD'S PLAN* for their personal Divine Journey).


Results are dependent on the QUESTIONS being ASKED, the ENERGY YOU are VIBRATING during our call and what you’re looking to get out of the EXPERIENCE!

In general, readers are experts who are GIFTED and trained to provide you with the insight they’re RECEIVING from the spirit world. That information is often FRAGMENTED — only tiny PIECES of the PUZZLE are REVEALED. But it’s those tiny pieces that, when you start to PERSONALLY EXPLORE what they mean, REVEAL a much BIGGER PICTURE. 

Often, we are only given ENOUGH INFORMATION to keep you MOVING along the RIGHT path. The spiritual insights you gain from readings are 💯% VALUABLE pieces of information💎 — they’re the things that YOU NEED to hear RIGHT NOW.

YOU are in control, I Am A GUIDE.♥️


•Mon - Fri: 11am-11pm EST / 8am-8pm PST
•Sat - Sun: Please Click "Arrange Call"

⭐🗓Please Click *ARRANGE CALL* If I Am Offline During Set Hours Above. YOU Are Important To Me. I Will Respond As Soon As I Can!⭐
Approach to Topics

💥Here are some friendly TIPS on what *NOT TO ASK*, and how to POSE your QUESTIONS to get the BEST READING POSSIBLE:

⚪Avoid Passive Questions (Will I?)
Remember, a successful tarot reading goes beyond these minor responses. By asking a question that requires a yes or a no, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Not only will you find yourself with even more questions, you’ll find that you’re anxious about where you stand.

⚠️Example of questions NOT to ask:
• Will I get married?
• Will I leave my job?
• Will I win the lottery?

With these Yes/No answers, there is no space for your development or free will to be considered. The future isn’t written in stone, so formulate questions that allow you to delve deeper into what you’re seeking.

💎Instead, DO ask:
• I’m having trouble seeing eye to eye with my partner. How do I work on healing our relationship?
• I’m feeling unhappy at work. What’s the source of my dissatisfaction?
• What can I do to become more successful in my life?

⚪Avoid Reassurance or Doubt Questions (Should I?)
It’s understandable to seek reassurance when speaking to a psychic reader. However, if you have already formed an opinion and are seeking someone’s support with their opinion, you’re not in the right mindset for your reading.

“Should I?” questions demonstrate a resigned attitude, and this eliminates the opportunity for you and your reader to discuss the consequences of your actions.

⚠️Example of questions NOT to ask:
• Should I get divorced?
• Should I buy a new car?
• Should I fire my employee?

💎Instead, DO ask:
• Why is my marriage suffering?
• Am I making sound financial decisions for my future?
• What can I do to motivate my employee and create a relationship where we see eye-to-eye?

⚪Restrictive Questions (Who/What/Where)
Remember, you want to get as much information as you can from a reading, so don’t restrict the scope of what you can learn by beginning your questions with “Who?” “When?” or “Where?” In the broad scheme of things, these answers provide very little insight into the bigger picture, which is what you’re looking to explore.

⚠️Example of questions NOT to ask:
• When will I meet my boyfriend/girlfriend?
• Where will I find my success?
• Who can I count on?

These forms of ‘gotcha’ questions only paint you into a corner. Ask yourself, what can you do with this type of information anyway? This doesn’t empower you to lead yourself to the type of outcome you’re looking for. So…

💎Instead, DO ask:
• What can I do to attract Mr./Mrs. Right?
• What can I do to form and maintain healthier relationships?

Remember, phrasing is key!
(Questions Courtesy of: Keen Staff)


Depending on the length of the call, I intend to fulfill the goals below:

▫️Ask you open and closed-ended questions. These questions help me to better assess your wants, desires, and needs.

▫️Listen carefully to your words during our conversation and give proper feedback.

▫️Work on raising your self-confidence and self-belief.

▫️Help you improve how you think about your circumstances and make perspective shifts in the way you view yourselves, others, and your life.

▫️Provide you with spiritual and practical techniques, strategies, and tools to help you become more resourceful when dealing with difficulties.

▫️Provide encouragement and emotional support when you struggle to overcome particular life challenges.

▫️Challenge your limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts, and attitudes while at the same time empowering you to make fruitful choices.

✴ Each individual’s RESULTS after our call are dependent on how much work s/he puts into their OWN healing process and *GOD'S PLAN* for their personal Divine journey!

"I Did Not Come To Hook & Bait You With False Hopes, I Came To Free You With True Inner Peace and Unconditional Love!"♥️
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