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Soni UK
You need accurate readings? Someone who understands, does not judge and is precise, to the point? Then look no further. I have tapped into the most difficult situations and give timeframes that happen.
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I have been psychic most of my life, it is a tool I use every day. I have been off keen for quite some time now, so you will not have access to my past feedback since it is not visible any more for some reason. I have read for thousands of clients and I hope to read for you too. Just be aware that I will ask for names and dates of births of you and anyone else we are looking at. Thank You for taking the time to read my page.
Approach to Topics
As gentle as possible - we can take a look at any problem you are facing - and if it is not a problem but just a query to choose which way you need to turn to : Let me know your name, date of birth and the questions you would like me to address. I am extremely fast both with typing (chat readings) and phone readings. If at any point you feel I am talking too much - interrupt me. This reading is for you, for you to benefit and find answers. I do offer email readings but only if you are unable to have a live reading (chat or phone). I have better accuracy during live reading than email readings.

Sometimes time frames are not so easy to pick up on, if that is the case then I will let you know rather than guess or give you hope of a false timing. One thing I pride myself on is accuracy, understanding and no time wasting.
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